Men’s Raincoats from River City

Classic Rain JacketThroughout the years, I’ve learned to put up with a lot of stuff at work. Lazy, good-for-nothing coworkers, biting cold and blistering suns, shaky scaffolding, faulty equipment – they’ve all been a part of my life since day one. That being said, if there’s one thing I simply can’t stand, it’s rain. Working in the rain is worse than trying to reason with my ex-wife, and without a good raincoat, things can seem even worse. Men’s raincoats from River City are good option. They’re long-lasting and easy on the pocketbook, which is pretty much all a man can ask from his raincoat. They’re also available is different styles and colors, so you’re sure to find one you like.

If you’re just looking for a basic men’s raincoat, I suggest going with the River City’s Classic Rain Jacket with Hood. It’s made from a PVC/Polyester material and has a zip-up front. For me, the fact that this raincoat has a zipper in front instead of buttons makes all the difference. Raincoats with button-up fronts just don’t cut it on the jobsite. Cold air always seems to sneak in through the cracks between buttons. Best of all, this men’s raincoat coat goes for around five bucks! Whether you work in construction or not, you can’t go wrong with this raincoat!

Green Rain Gear
Green Rain Gear

Maybe you’re looking for something a little longer. If that’s the case, I recommend taking a gander at the River City 200C Classic Raincoat. It’s the type that comes down to just below the knees, making it perfect for heavy rainstorms. It’s also made from both PVC and Polyester, and it features a detachable drawstring hood. Personally, I don’t like these types of raincoats because their not as comfortable to move around in as those that come down to the waist. This men’s raincoat also has a button-up front as opposed to my preferred zip-up front, but it’s still a great coat and is definitely worth checking out.

In the end, which men’s raincoat you pick will depend upon your personal preference and the type of job you’re carrying out. For instance, if you’re working on a road crew, you’ll probably want to get some rain gear with some type of reflective stripes. As for preference, if you’re adverse to bright yellow men’s raincoats, you may want to choose the black or green options offered by River City. Men’s raincoats from River City are, at least in my opinion, some of the best on the market today, so no matter which one you choose, I’m sure you’ll be more than happy it. Check out River City’s selection today and let me know what you think!

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