Carhartt Belts – Tighten Things Up

A lot of attention gets paid to Carhartt’s impressive selections of men’s coveralls, boots, jackets and pants. But no one ever mentions their belts. How come? What’s more important to a man when he’s scurryin’ up some scaffolding or crawlin’ across a steep roof than his belt? No, sir, a man can’t go very far in this here world with his drawers flappin’ in the wind. That’s why I use Carhartt belts to hold my jeans up. Carhartt belts are “topnotch,” in my opinion, and I just can’t see myself suitin’ up with anything else.

Carhartt Detroit Belt

To start with, all Carhartt belts are made from the hide of a cow. I mean they’re made of leather, folks, and top-grain leather at that. Why’s that important to know? Because a leather belt will always last longer and look finer than one that’s made from something else. I’ve had the same Carhartt leather belt since the ‘90s, and it still looks as pretty as it did the day I bought it. As a matter of fact, I think it looks better now than it did then. Over the years it’s aged like a good barrel of bourbon in the cellars of Kentucky. I even gave it a name: Ol’ Rawhide.

Carhartt Tradesman Belt

All that bein’ said, Ol’ Rawhide ain’t the only Carhartt belt I own. My wife, Katie Ray, has given me so many Carhartt belts over the years I’ve begun to think that’s all she knows how to shop for. I use ‘em on days when I think Ol’ Rawhide might need a rest. I guess my favorite is Carhartt’s Detroit Belt. It has everything: triple-row stitching ‘round the entire strap, an antique silver buckle, and the Carhartt logo stamped right on the loop. I also got a nice black Tradesman Belt. Its buckle has a nickel finish and is what they call “debossed” with the Carhartt logo. I “de-bossed” myself back in ’01 when I started my own construction business.

Now these are only a few of the belts Carhartt offers, so you’re going to want to go ahead and take a peak at their entire selection for yourself. Who knows? Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll find yourself an Ol’ Rawhide of your own. Every Carhartt belt out there today has the potential to be one. I guarantee it.

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