Carhartt Socks – Sock It to Your Feet

When you’re out on the jobsite trying to earn enough money to put a little food on your plate, there are few things you should pay more attention to than your feet. Without your feet, you might find it difficult to keep those pay checks rolling in. As I’m sure you already know, owning a good pair of quality work boots is always a smart move, but what about socks? Personally, I use Carhartt socks, especially during the winter months. They’ve always done a great job of helping to keep my feet warm, dry and comfortable, and unlike a lot of other brands, a good Carhartt sock will last for years.

One the best Carhartt socks available today is their Cold Weather Boot Sock. Made from such materials as hi-bulk acrylic and worsted wool, this sock is sure to keep your feet toasty and warm throughout the long, winter months. This Carhartt sock is also treated for anti-odor, so don’t worry about stinking the house up when you get home from work. I bought a few pairs of these socks last fall when the weather started to turn, and I’ve been wearing them constantly ever since. They’re available in different colors as well, including charcoal heather, navy and gray.

Carhartt also offers a Cold Weather High Performance Boot Sock. What sets these heavyweight socks apart from the rest are all the “high-tech” features they offer, including supports to keep them in place and a spandex reinforced welt. They also offer all the same bells and whistles that come standard on the Cold Weather Boot Sock. In the world of Carhartt socks, these are what you might call “top shelf.” I own just one pair, but sinking my feet into them once a week is real treat.

If your feet tend to sweat more than most, you might also want to take look at Carhartt’s Heavyweight Wool Boot Socks. They’re made from Merino wool, which provides natural moisture management and itch-free comfort. It does this by utilizing knit-in channels to transport any moisture away from the foot. I’m lucky enough to have a pair of feet that doesn’t sweat too much, so I don’t actually own a pair of these socks. But if I know anything about Carhartt socks, I’m sure they work great. If you happen to try them out, please leave us a comment here on the blog letting us all know how they worked out.

Carhartt also makes socks for the spring and summer, so don’t limit yourself to wearing them only during the winter. My sock drawer is full of Carhartt socks, and I probably wear a pair just about everyday of my life. I hope you’ll check their selection out today, as I’m sure you’ll be impressed!

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