Carhartt Headwear – Stay Ahead of the Game

I was born in the great state of Minnesota, where as a child I worked on my grandfather Ezekiel’s farm. While there were no crops to tend to in the winter, the animals – pigs, cows, chickens – still needed looking after. Back in those days we didn’t have Carhartt headwear to keep our noggins warm, and I’ll never forget the way I’d shiver each morning as I filled the troughs, milked the dairy cows, and tossed the chickens a little feed. Sometimes I’d complain, but grandfather’s motto – “a little cold never hurt no man” – would always smother any cries of protest I sent up into the cold, morning air.

Lucky for me, and all those working in the construction industry, Carhartt headwear is now widely available to anyone that wants it. From thermal hats to quilt-lined, detachable hoods, Carhartt is at the top of its game when it comes to providing both men and women with warm, affordable headwear.

When shopping for winter headwear, a good place to start is thermal hats, and there’s no other manufacturer in the world today that offers a larger selection of them than Carhartt. The best piece of headwear that Carhartt makes today might be their Acrylic Watch Cap. Like other caps of its kind, this cap’s acrylic knit will keep your head and ears warm by keeping cold and wind out. It also features the classic Carhartt logo in front and is available in a variety of colors, including Carhartt Brown, Black and, in case you feel like showing off a bit, Bright Lime.

If you already own a Carhartt jacket, you might want to consider getting yourself a hood to go along with it. Available for nearly every Carhartt coat and jacket in existence today, these quilt-lined hoods are an integral part of the company’s headwear selection. One of the best things about these hoods is the fact that they snap on and off with complete ease, giving you the option of going hoodless whenever you feel like it. Need a waterproof or flame-resistant hood? No problem there, either; Carhartt makes both. Just make sure to match up the model number of your coat with that of the hood you plan on buying. That way you’ll be sure to get the one you need.

Carhartt headwear is also available for women. In fact, the company offers everything from matching striped knit hats and neck gaiters to fleece headbands and waterproof replacement hoods. Check ‘em out today, ladies!

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