Rain Suits – Staying Dry Is Essential

Staying dry during the rainy season can be tough business, and if you’re a fisherman, biker, or someone involved in the construction industry, you probably already know the value of a quality rain suit. Owning a rain suit is essential for anyone that plans on working, or spending any time at all, in the outdoors. Walking around dripping wet all day is a recipe for disaster, especially if you wind up sick with pneumonia.

One of my favorite rain suit manufacturers is Rothco. I especially love their two-piece rain suit made from nylon-coated PVC. It’s lightweight and easy to move around in, and its elastic waist really allows me to grow into it, if you know what I mean. The only drawback to this rain suit is the fact that it’s only available in one color (navy blue), so if you want that classic yellow look, you’ll have to go in another direction.

Another great option is Custom Leather Craft’s three-piece rain suit, which includes a jacket, a pair of elastic pants, and a detachable hood. Products made by Custom Leather Craft are always top of the line, and this rain suit is no exception to the rule. Its mesh panels allow for added breath-ability, which is great for those folks that tend to perspire more than most. Again, the only drawback to this suit is the fact that it’s only available in one color (yellow).

Finally, if you’re working on a road crew, you may need a rain suit that features reflective material. More and more people are taking the risk of driving while talking or the phone or texting, and with the added distraction of rainfall, they’re liable to cause an accident. Don’t risk it! Make sure you can be seen by wearing something along the lines of Custom Leather Craft’s three-piece black nylon rain suit.

More than anything else, which rain suit you choose to buy will probably depend more on preference than anything else. ConstructionGear.com offers a great selection of 18 different rain suits. Stop in today and have a look around; I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

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