Dickies Men’s Short Sleeve Coverall – 3399

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from customers that purchased these short-sleeve coveralls from Dickies. But that’s to be expected. One-piece coveralls are always a big hit with those that wear them. They’re the very definition of “hassle-free”: a pair of pants, a shirt, and a belt all rolled into one. What more could a working man ask for?

In particular customers have mentioned how much they like the fact that Dickies makes these short-sleeve coveralls for men in several different colors, something other companies often fail to do. The weight of the material, the fact that it washes and dries extremely well, and the coveralls’ roominess (not to be confused with bagginess) are other popular features.

The only negative comments received so far have had to do with the coveralls’ front pockets. Apparently, they are unusually shallow, making it difficult to place anything inside them without it quickly falling out.

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