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We’re bringing you our top 5 best seller logger boots. We simply want to help our customers choose what is best for them. So here is some more in depth information. Whether you need logger boots for work or simply prefer them for the work you do around the house, they are great for surface grip and non-slip. Therefore, these top five boots are very durable and hold up in many environments.

  1. Our TOP seller, which we are very proud to say, is our own brand of Rugged Blue. They are the Rugged Blue Pioneer II boot. They are currently $61.99. You can choose from sizes ranging from 5-16 and whether you prefer medium or wide. We also offer the option of unlined or sheep skin lined. (We recommend trying the sheep skin lined for colder months.) They have an 8 inch shank and have a steel safety toe. They are both oil- and slip- resistant. Rugged Blue Pioneer II Logger Boot
  2. Next up, we have the Carolina Lined Waterproof Boots. Actually, the last four boots are all Carolina! We love this brand as much as our customers. These boots are not only durable but they are stylish and comfortable. The copper crazy horse leather is absolutely beautiful! Being outside in the logging industry can sometimes be a sloppy mess, so you may need a waterproof lined option like this one! They have an 8′ steel shank and are available in a soft ($134.99) or steel ($139.99) toe option. They are electrical hazard rated. The steel toe option is ASTM rated. Carolina Men's 8" Waterproof Logger Boots - CA8821 & CA9821
  3. The next boot is similar to that above besides the color and insulation. They are the Carolina Waterproof Insulated Boots. The sleek black full grain leather gives this boot a clean look. They are also waterproof lined like #2 but there is 600g of Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable (that is where the extra $10 is going to). They have an 8′ shank and are available in a soft ($144.99) or steel ($149.99) toe option. They are electrical hazard rated. The steel toe option is ASTM rated. Carolina 8" Waterproof Logger Work Boots - CA4823 & CA5823
  4. We’re doubling up. The fourth top logger boot is the same at above, just in copper crazyhorse leather instead of black! Carolina Insulated Logger Work Boots - CA4821 & CA5821
  5. And lastly, we have the Carolina Lace to Toe Waterproof Boots. They are also in the color copper crazyhorse and have the same features as #2 but they lace the whole way up to the toe to get a more snug fit. They are available in soft ($149.99) or steel toe ($154.99).

Carolina 8" Waterproof Lace-To-Toe Boots - CA8824 & CA9824

There are a lot of very similar boots in this list but to loggers insulated, non-insulated, waterproof, non-waterproof, etc. means all the difference. We wanted to let you know with a little top 5 list of what our customers have enjoyed most. We are ALWAYS adding more boots so be sure to sign up for our newsletter on the website.

And LADIES, please check out our sister website, Safety Girl, for the latest updates on womens work boots, work shoes, work clothes and so much more!




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