Leather Boot Care 101



If you want your boots to the last the longest life they can, it’s important that you take care of them to your best ability. First, know what type of material your boots are. If you are not sure, check the tag on your boots and look up the style number on Google! We are going to go over some leather boot care tips:

The Standard for Leather Footwear: Remove any excess dirt with a soft cloth. Apply a light amount of leather cleaner such as the Wolverine Leather Cleaner. You can then use mink oil and buff in with a soft cloth, especially at the seams and wipe off excess oil. You should use long circular strokes.

New Leather Boots: Wear them around the house to break them in. We all know boots and shoes of any type can be uncomfortable until they have some bend in them…especially leather. You can also use a conditioner, such as the Wolverine Leather Conditioner, to speed up the process.

Older Leather Boots: The most important thing is to keep build-up off the boot. Make sure you are using a Boot Brush. Check the seams, the sole and repeat until no more dirt remains. It is also a good idea to condition your boots just as if they were new. Boots are just like us, they dehydrate. If they are smelly inside, you  may want to shampoo them or spray with an odor eating spray. The last step is to apply a water-based waterproofing agent such as a Water Seal.

Wolverine Water Seal

We know you pay a lot of money for your work boots and we want them to last as long as they possibly can. The products mentioned are all from Wolverine Boot Care. These products are low priced and will last you forever. Wolverine makes top selling work boots so they know what it takes to keep boots clean and lasting a lifetime.



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