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Garden Update II

IMG_5089September all ready and the garden is going over to Autumn now with the Summer flowers fading and the Chrysanthemums coming into full bloom.  The Hydrangeas are also flowering very well just now with only a few blooms dying off.  It is important with Hydrangeas to leave the dead flower heads on the bush all Winter to protect the new buds for next Spring.  If you need to prune the bush now is the best time to do it but do try and leave some buds on for next year.

Now is the time to collect seeds for next year.  The Calendula have almost finished flowering and I had  left some of the flower heads on to go to seed so I can collect them for next year’s flowers.  You can collect seeds from Marigolds too and I have collected Pansy seeds and grown them on in previous years so they are being collected now too!

The growth of the grass on the lawn is slowing down now and I only need to cut it once a week now and not twice as I have been doing all Summer.  I will leave the length of the grass a little longer now for the Winter and I will try and keep people off it in wet weather and hope we do not have too much snow!IMG_5325

Despite the days drawing in now we still have quite a lot of colour in the garden and in the cut flower garden we have had an exceptional year with the Cosmos over 5 foot high and the sweet peas overtaking them at over six foot!  The solitary Sunflower in this garden was over eight foot, I planted 6 sunflowers but the slugs obviously liked them and only one survived to flower.  I kept another five in a pot and they have done well but, of course, do not have the height of the one in the ground.

IMG_5285The weeds are still growing so there is still weeding to be done in the borders and there is always a little tidying to do, dead heads to cut off and, now we have some leaves coming down from the trees, leaves to collect.  I keep the leaves each Autumn and let them rot down for a year and then put the resulting mulch on the garden before the Winter sets in, thus keeping the weeds down and the soil warmer for the Spring bulbs to grow in.  Now, of course, is the time to plant your Spring bulbs although it is always better to leave the Tulips for another month or two.  I have two big bags of daffodils to plant up this month so I had better make a start.  Will be writing again soon.





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20141022_182642-MOTION20141022_182750It’s that time of year again, when warm feet are imperative to your comfort. Put a nice, fuzzy pair of slippers right up there with hot cocoa after raking leaves in the early dusk, which is what Andy and I did last night. He wielded the leaf blower, I manned the rake and leaf bags, and he made me the cocoa (caramel!). Nice team effort! Construction Gear sells three kinds of slippers, and at our weekly meeting we decided that these were going to be the item of the week. Would Andy want to endorse a pair? Yes, he would! I got him the durable-soled, fleece-lined moccasin and not only does he endorse, but he danced in them a bit. And relaxed on his leather sofa while watching the game. These are priced reasonably under $25, and they will go outside to pick up the paper in the morning (Andy’s a fan of the comic section) without getting his precious princess toes wet or cold.20141020_115403

Actually, I think I am going to have another cup of cocoa this morning. ‘Tis the season!

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