You may have received our latest email that offers you 10% off DeWalt safety glasses! We’re here to show you some options in this weeks blog.

Dewalt Contractor Pro

sgldpg52-11d_-00_dewalt-contractor-pro-safety-glasses-clear-anti-fog-lens.jpg These safety glasses are rubber tipped for comfort and resist sliding when on your face. They have a polycarbonate lens that offers 99.9% UV protection and is ANSI Z87.1+ rated.

$3.75 per pair!



Dewalt Dominator


The dominator safety glasses have a modern and stylish styling which makes them stand apart from the rest. The full frame is sturdy while the lens offer UV protection and ANSI ratings.

$5.99 per pair!


Dewalt Framework


These foam lined safety glasses are the most comfortable of all. They sit flush against your face to protect from debris. They are also UV protectant and ANSI rated.

$9.49 per pair!



If you would like to check out some other products we carry from Dewalt, click here!

Pyramex 101


Since the very beginning of our company, we have been a proud seller of Pyramex. They stand up to all of our their promises which we will go over soon.  If you are looking for safety glasses, hard hats, safety workwear and much more, Pyramex has never let us down nor will they ever let you down.

Pyramex has more than 2,000 distributors in 60 countries! They put all of their products to the highest tests to make sure they are only delivering us, and therefore you, the best of the best. They promise to have: unmatched service, innovation, style, full PPE, unmatched quality and competitive pricing.

We have some new Pyramex Safety Glasses on the site that we would like to share.

Pyramex works alongside Carhartt, one of our other top brands, to bring you products like the Realtree Anti-Fog Glasses shown below.

Pyramex also has a line called Venture Gear that is designed for those “on the go” and these glasses will stand the test to any activity. We have always carried Venture Gear glasses however, we’ve added the Semtex 2.0 which shows to be very popular. Check them out below!



Today, there are so many different colors of lens for safety glasses due to the wide variety of job applications of what they are used for. It all depends where you are located and what you are doing. Are you inside needing to see every detail? or are you outside needing a reduction in glare? We are going to use Pyramex safety glasses in our blog today to help guide you to the correct safety glasses.

The easiest and most effective way to use this guide is to find the few attributes you need and rate them. Then see which colors overlap into each of your highest rated categories. For example, if you need an indoor use lens that also enhances contrast, you’ll want to choose pink, infinity blue or amber.

Enhancing Contrast

The best lens option for enhancing contrast are pink, infinity blue, orange vermilion, amber and some bronzes.

Excessive Glare

When you are working in an area with a lot of glare, you’ll want any mirror lens or any shade of gray lens.


Indoor Use

If you are mostly indoors while you are working, clear is usually your best option. However, some prefer amber, pink, infinity blue or orange. Just make sure if you choose a shaded option, that it is light and doesn’t make you strain to see in low light.

Low Light

This can often be a very dangerous situation. Please choose carefully if this is your work area. The most popular shaded options are amber, pink and orange.

Outdoor Use

Outdoors has the widest range of color options. You can choose and shade of gray, any mirror, any polarized mirror or bronze. Mirror options are usually the most popular because the don’t let as much light in to the eye. Pyramex mirror glasses have a visible light transmission anywhere from 51% to 10%. (51% is an indoor/outdoor mirror while 10% is an ice orange mirror)

We will do a blog here soon labeling VLT on certain shades of lens.




This week we’ve added some hot new safety shoes to the mix. We have been carrying CarbonMAX shoes from Wolverine for a while but now we have a bigger selection. Whether you like wellington boots, loggers, hikers or athletic shoes for work we have you covered.

But first, do you know about the CarbonMAX toe and what makes it so special? The CarbonMAX toe is similar to the composite toe as it is ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH rated. It uses nanotechnology to provide the most lightweight protection in its class. When we say nanotechnology, we mean nanotubes that comes together to make a honeycomb pattern. This creates extreme protection. In other words, if you’ve ever felt like you’re lifting a brick when you walk, these boots and shoes are for you! You’re also not wasting any space with a thick toe cap, so it makes your feet more comfortable.

Like we said, we have a shoe for everyone.

If you prefer a wellington, the W10793 is for you:



  • ONLY $154.99/PAIR!






If you prefer a hiker, the W10788 is for you:


  • ONLY $139.99/PAIR!








Or if you’re on the move and prefer an athletic shoe, the W10807 & W10805 are for you:




Searching for new, affordable and durable brands that stand up to the test is hard, especially in the construction industry. We want to make sure we are bringing you the best of the best. We’ve come across a new brand, Genuine Grip, that claims to be “your best source for slip-resistant footwear at factory-direct prices.” We are always on the lookout for slip-resistant footwear that stands the test.

Genuine Grip began in 1932 and is headquartered in Secaucus, NJ. One of our vendors from KEY Industries is actually a friend of one of the owners of this company and guided us to this slip-resistant heaven. We trust his opinion as KEY has been one of our top brands for some time now.

Genuine Grip’s missions are to reduce slip and fall accidents and to provide comfort with our customers.

What makes this possible is the soles of these awesome shoes. They have a tread pattern made of special rubber to maximize slip-resistance. The footbed of this shoe makes it feel like you are “walking on air” and also provides shock absorbency.

Don’t just take our word for it, try them out now!


The Poseidon Boot 

  • Full Grain Leather
  • Composite or Soft Toe
  • Waterproof
  • Oil & Slip Resistant
  • Three Colors
  • Non-Metal Construction
  • Meets ASTM & EH Ratings


The Hercules Boot

  • Hiker
  • Two Colors
  • Composite Toe
  • Waterproof
  • Oil & Slip Resistant
  • Non-Metal Construction
  • ASTM & EH Rated
  • Slip-On






We’ve just added PLENTY of new shoes & boots from one of our favorites and most trusted brands, Timberland PRO. They are popular in construction, manufacturing, warehousing and first responders. However, we’ve received a few questions on what makes the steel toe, alloy toe and composite toe different. So we’re gonna break it down for you so you can find the perfect option.





The Steel Toe –

They are made with a heavy-duty steel that is coated with epoxy. The epoxy simply helps to resist corrosion on the toe cap. They meet ASTM impact & compression safety standards for any workplace that requires them. There is an asymmetrical shape to fit your feet correctly and comfortably.




The Alloy Toe –

This type of toe is similar to a steel toe but a lot more lightweight. This aluminum toe offers military-grade protection. They also meet ASTM safety standards.



The Composite Toe –

This type of toe is also lightweight and is non-metallic & non-magnetic. They meet ASTM standards and are slower to conduct cold.



Understanding cut resistance on your gloves can be kind of confusing. Especially since there are two standards usually slapped on the label. Even though both systems rank the gloves on a 1-5 scale, ANSI and CE ratings use two completely different methods of testing. So make sure you are careful as to which you are looking at.

ANSI Cut Resistance

ANSI cut ratings are based on ASTM. They are tested using the CPPT Tester or the TDM tester. This tester using how much weight is applied and how far the blade needs to travel to cut the material. This is also known as the Rating Force. They then compare the number they calculate to the ANSI 105-2011 table (Classification for Cut Resistance) and then the glove is a given a simple 1-5 number. The higher the rating force, the more cut resistant the material is.

CE Cut Resistance

CE cut resistance are based on the CEN testing method EN388. They are tested using a Couptester. The results from this machine indicate a ratio of the number of machine cycles required to cut the material vs. the number of machine cycles required to cut a specified cotton material. This number is called the Cut Index. They then compare this to the EN388 table (Mechanical Risk Protection) and then the glove is given a simple 1-5 number. The higher the cut index, the more cut resistant the material is.