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We’re bringing you our top 5 best seller logger boots. We simply want to help our customers choose what is best for them. So here is some more in depth information. Whether you need logger boots for work or simply prefer them for the work you do around the house, they are great for surface grip and non-slip. Therefore, these top five boots are very durable and hold up in many environments.

  1. Our TOP seller, which we are very proud to say, is our own brand of Rugged Blue. They are the Rugged Blue Pioneer II boot. They are currently $61.99. You can choose from sizes ranging from 5-16 and whether you prefer medium or wide. We also offer the option of unlined or sheep skin lined. (We recommend trying the sheep skin lined for colder months.) They have an 8 inch shank and have a steel safety toe. They are both oil- and slip- resistant. Rugged Blue Pioneer II Logger Boot
  2. Next up, we have the Carolina Lined Waterproof Boots. Actually, the last four boots are all Carolina! We love this brand as much as our customers. These boots are not only durable but they are stylish and comfortable. The copper crazy horse leather is absolutely beautiful! Being outside in the logging industry can sometimes be a sloppy mess, so you may need a waterproof lined option like this one! They have an 8′ steel shank and are available in a soft ($134.99) or steel ($139.99) toe option. They are electrical hazard rated. The steel toe option is ASTM rated. Carolina Men's 8" Waterproof Logger Boots - CA8821 & CA9821
  3. The next boot is similar to that above besides the color and insulation. They are the Carolina Waterproof Insulated Boots. The sleek black full grain leather gives this boot a clean look. They are also waterproof lined like #2 but there is 600g of Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable (that is where the extra $10 is going to). They have an 8′ shank and are available in a soft ($144.99) or steel ($149.99) toe option. They are electrical hazard rated. The steel toe option is ASTM rated. Carolina 8" Waterproof Logger Work Boots - CA4823 & CA5823
  4. We’re doubling up. The fourth top logger boot is the same at above, just in copper crazyhorse leather instead of black! Carolina Insulated Logger Work Boots - CA4821 & CA5821
  5. And lastly, we have the Carolina Lace to Toe Waterproof Boots. They are also in the color copper crazyhorse and have the same features as #2 but they lace the whole way up to the toe to get a more snug fit. They are available in soft ($149.99) or steel toe ($154.99).

Carolina 8" Waterproof Lace-To-Toe Boots - CA8824 & CA9824

There are a lot of very similar boots in this list but to loggers insulated, non-insulated, waterproof, non-waterproof, etc. means all the difference. We wanted to let you know with a little top 5 list of what our customers have enjoyed most. We are ALWAYS adding more boots so be sure to sign up for our newsletter on the website.

And LADIES, please check out our sister website, Safety Girl, for the latest updates on womens work boots, work shoes, work clothes and so much more!




Plugs vs. Muffs

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Did you ever wonder if ear muffs or ear plugs would be a safer/better option for you. Well we’ve received a few questions and concerns regarding this area of interest. First of all, hearing protection is extremely important in general. If your workplace requires ear protection, there is most likely a really good reason.

Creighton University published a study saying that a good “rule of thumb” for knowing whether or not you should be protecting you ears is if you have trouble hearing a normal tone of voice at about three feet away.

  • 85 dB is when hearing protection is required
  • 90 dB is considered an 8 hour average limit
  • 100 db is considered a 15 minute average limit
  • 110 dB can result in hearing loss if exposed to for more than 1 minute

When we talk about hearing protection, we are talking about the sound that actually reaches the drum of the ear. We simply want to reduce that as much as possible.

Ear Plugs:

    • Greater protection than ear muffs due to being tightly inserted into the canal
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to carry and transport
    • More comfortable with hard hats and glasses
  • THE BAD:
    • It can be difficult to find a pair that fits well
    • Difficult for those with ear infections to wear

Here at Construction Gear, we carry corded and uncorded ear plugs.

ERB Safety Disposable Pink Ear Plugs - 100 Pairs - GP05


3M E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon Corded Earplugs - 200 Pair



Ear Muffs:

    • Universally fit everyone
    • Usually adjustable for maximum comfort
    • Comfortable in cooler climates to keep ears warm
  • THE BAD:
    • Usually offer less protection than plugs

We sell cap-mounted, over-the-head and multi-position ear muffs.

3M Peltor X-Series Ear Muffs - X4A




Not everyone works in an air conditioned office with water at arms reach at all times. Some of us work on construction sites or other outdoor jobs that require long hours in scorching temperatures. Here at Construction Gear, our main goal is safety and we want to inform you of some tips to stay safe in those hot summer months!

First, let’s talk about the excess stress that heat puts on the body. When we overheat, our body takes care of us. We sweat to compensate for that excess heat the body is taking in. If we cannot cool ourselves down, body temperature rises and heart rate increases. If your body is put under these conditions for too long, it becomes over stressed and can cause you to become dizzy or in worse cases, lose consciousness.

Now that you know what is happening when your body overheats, lets talk about HOW you know you are overheating.

There are many common signs that you should be looking for whether you are working outside or just having fun outside, but here are just a few to keep in mind:

  1. Heavy Sweating
  2. Faintness
  3. Goose Bumps
  4. Weak, Rapid Pulse
  5. Muscle Cramping
  6. Fatigue
  7. Headache

However, our goal is to prevent heat exhaustion before it begins. We’ve gathered some top tips from websites such as U.S. Department of Labor and Mayoclinic to help you out!

  • Air Flow – if there is no wind or air flow, you are more likely to become overheated
  • Loose Fitting, White Clothing – dark, tight clothing holds in heat
  • Sunscreen – sunburn also holds heat in your body
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – this is the most important, helps maintain body temperature
  • Avoid Caffeine – it dehydrates the body
  • Take Breaks – also helps regulate body temperature

**You can also download OSHA’s app, Heat Safety Tool, that will help you determine the risk of heat exhaustion in your area.


Check out what we have to offer in cooling products at Construction Gear. We have cooling towels, vests, and more!








Garden Update II

IMG_5089September all ready and the garden is going over to Autumn now with the Summer flowers fading and the Chrysanthemums coming into full bloom.  The Hydrangeas are also flowering very well just now with only a few blooms dying off.  It is important with Hydrangeas to leave the dead flower heads on the bush all Winter to protect the new buds for next Spring.  If you need to prune the bush now is the best time to do it but do try and leave some buds on for next year.

Now is the time to collect seeds for next year.  The Calendula have almost finished flowering and I had  left some of the flower heads on to go to seed so I can collect them for next year’s flowers.  You can collect seeds from Marigolds too and I have collected Pansy seeds and grown them on in previous years so they are being collected now too!

The growth of the grass on the lawn is slowing down now and I only need to cut it once a week now and not twice as I have been doing all Summer.  I will leave the length of the grass a little longer now for the Winter and I will try and keep people off it in wet weather and hope we do not have too much snow!IMG_5325

Despite the days drawing in now we still have quite a lot of colour in the garden and in the cut flower garden we have had an exceptional year with the Cosmos over 5 foot high and the sweet peas overtaking them at over six foot!  The solitary Sunflower in this garden was over eight foot, I planted 6 sunflowers but the slugs obviously liked them and only one survived to flower.  I kept another five in a pot and they have done well but, of course, do not have the height of the one in the ground.

IMG_5285The weeds are still growing so there is still weeding to be done in the borders and there is always a little tidying to do, dead heads to cut off and, now we have some leaves coming down from the trees, leaves to collect.  I keep the leaves each Autumn and let them rot down for a year and then put the resulting mulch on the garden before the Winter sets in, thus keeping the weeds down and the soil warmer for the Spring bulbs to grow in.  Now, of course, is the time to plant your Spring bulbs although it is always better to leave the Tulips for another month or two.  I have two big bags of daffodils to plant up this month so I had better make a start.  Will be writing again soon.





Garden Update!

IMG_4745We seem to be in the middle of a heatwave here in the UK, temperatures are soaring here and now after the damaging wind in Spring we have high temperature and no rain!  The weather is never right for us gardeners though is it?  No rain means I have to water most evenings!

Any way I managed to plant all the annuals and although they need watering still they are growing well.  The white Alyssum is planted with a blue Lobelia on either side and they are coming together well.  The Calendula further back is flowering well, fortunately they likes the dry conditions we have just now.  The slugs and snails are having a field day with the French Marigolds anyone would think they had not eaten all Winter!  I am hopeful that some will grow through without being devoured by slugs or snails.​


The Peonies have been spectacular this year, most of them have a wonderful scent, we have different colours but the white ones are the longest living ones.  Peonies are groIMG_4612wn from a tuber similar to a dahlia and you can take some of the tuber and grow on another plant if you know someone with a nice plant.​

The tall blue flowers in this photo are Campanula and I have them in blue and white here and elsewhere in the garden, June, of course, is the month of Roses but with the cold and windy Spring they are a little later this year.  The one on the right  in the photo is a chocolate rose which does smell of chocolate they other one has been in the garden a long time and was here before I came!

IMG_4752This month and next  there is not so much to do in the garden, hanging baskets and pots to water of course and there is always weeding to be done!   Today, however,  was the sort of day that one could sit out in the garden and admire all that work one put in earlier so I put some cushions out and did just that.


So, enjoy your Summer wherever you are and I will look forward to welcoming you back to my garden in the Autumn or as you call it the Fall.


Well I think the Summer is IMG_4531finally here in the UK, we have had a lot of wind recently and wind is not good for my garden, it dries the soil out, flattens the flowers and because it has been a cold wind it has stopped things growing!  Thankfully now we are getting warmer temperatures during the day and, hopefully, no more frosts I can think about putting in the bedding plants.  My rockery is still looking really colourful with the tulips still flowering well and the pansies too.​


My garden has a lot of established shrubs in and plenty of Spring bulbs but I always try and leave a small area at the front of the borders for some nice annuals, this space has primulas in now and they need to be transferred to another bed to die back over the Summer and then they can be re-planted back in the borders in the Autumn.

This year I have grown Calendula from seed and that will go at the back of the front bit, if you see what I mean!  The rest of the annuIMG_4570 (2)als I have bought from a small garden centre that acts as a day centre for adults with learning difficulties.  They have grown some wonderful plants and I had my pick early on in the Season.  The French Marigolds go in next and then the Alyssum and Lobelia are planted at the  front of the bed.  The Alyssum and Lobelia will hopefully knit together to form a small hedgerow right at the front of the border and the French Marigolds will stand up behind with the Calendula standing tall at the back.

I also bought some oxygenating plants recently to try and rid the pond of Spring slime, fortunately it is working and the slime is coming to the surface so I can scoop it out using a small fishing net.  The other day I was scooping and emptying when I came across a little smooth newt!  I popped him back in the pond but not before I managed a photo of him.​

We seem to have waited a long time for Summer to come this year but the garden will look wonderful soon if the wind stays away and the temperatures continue to rise.  I hope you all have a great Summer and can spend lots of time outdoors in your gardens.

I will be back soon.

Mowing Time in PA

20150426_135642…and I thought last year my cleated tennis shoes would do the job on my multi-acre hillside, especially with a new self-propelled push mower. Not so! Even the propellation (is that a word?!) wasn’t enough for this little girl. I used to watch my dad mow this entire yard, with seemingly little effort. Then he’d come in and take a drink of the sun tea he had made. I remember the first time I tried to tackle the job, after over an hour later with the upper hill still untouched, gritty and breathless, I thought, “he probably would have liked if one of us had made the tea and had it ready for him.” In later years he attached a piece of rope to the mower, to stand up a few feet and allow the mower to slide down on its own, then pull it back up with the rope, so he didn’t need to bend or walk so much. He did this the fall he had to have had the cancer, before we knew it. A dying “old man” still did a much better job than this relatively in-shape girl could.

I bit the bullet and put on my pristine pink Safety Girl boots, knowing the pretty toes would green up pretty quickly from grass. I was able to mow more of the hillside (all the way up to the second garden!) with these babies. I still can’t do the full job my dad did but I think he would have been proud of what I can accomplish.