Working all day puts a lot of strain on your body, especially when your out in the cold or lifting heavy objects. I’m assuming a lot of us reach for the heating pad when we get home. Instead of spending money on heating pads you have to plug in and keep purchasing because they stop working, make your own with those shirts you have laying around that don’t fit anymore. You can also make some hand warmers to take with you on the go!

They are easy, cheap and quick. All you need is some fabric, rice and someone that can sew!


For the Heating Pad:

  1.  Find an old shirt, thin blanket or sheet (Flannels work great)
  2. Cut into two equal size squares (as large as you want your heating pad to be)
  3. Place one square on top of the other
  4. Sew along three sides and leave one longer side open (denoted by black lines below)


5. Divide into segments as large as you would like and sew across (denoted by thin black lines below)


6. Fill each segment with rice

7. Sew last side shut


Final Product:6b2f34d0fe7098e7de189e0e6e6b661a-e1505153755952.jpg



For the hand warmers (similar to the heating pad but smaller):

  1. Find an old shirt, thin blanket or sheet (Flannels work great)
  2. Cut two 5″ x 5″ squares (or 4″ x 4″)
  3. Place one square on top of the other
  4. Sew three sides shut
  5. Fill with rice
  6. Sew last side shut









Leather Boot Care 101



If you want your boots to the last the longest life they can, it’s important that you take care of them to your best ability. First, know what type of material your boots are. If you are not sure, check the tag on your boots and look up the style number on Google! We are going to go over some leather boot care tips:

The Standard for Leather Footwear: Remove any excess dirt with a soft cloth. Apply a light amount of leather cleaner such as the Wolverine Leather Cleaner. You can then use mink oil and buff in with a soft cloth, especially at the seams and wipe off excess oil. You should use long circular strokes.

New Leather Boots: Wear them around the house to break them in. We all know boots and shoes of any type can be uncomfortable until they have some bend in them…especially leather. You can also use a conditioner, such as the Wolverine Leather Conditioner, to speed up the process.

Older Leather Boots: The most important thing is to keep build-up off the boot. Make sure you are using a Boot Brush. Check the seams, the sole and repeat until no more dirt remains. It is also a good idea to condition your boots just as if they were new. Boots are just like us, they dehydrate. If they are smelly inside, you  may want to shampoo them or spray with an odor eating spray. The last step is to apply a water-based waterproofing agent such as a Water Seal.

Wolverine Water Seal

We know you pay a lot of money for your work boots and we want them to last as long as they possibly can. The products mentioned are all from Wolverine Boot Care. These products are low priced and will last you forever. Wolverine makes top selling work boots so they know what it takes to keep boots clean and lasting a lifetime.



73232b14cea156f0ba14cbd093160b49b081934d_Spring Graphic


Construction Gear wants you to know why we sell the brands we do. So we are breaking them down brand by brand: why we love them, the history of their company and some top items they make that are best sellers on our site. The next brand under the microscope is KEY Industries.

Key Industries, or KEY Apparel, sells mens, womens, and kids outerwear and clothing. They are a company just like us. We want you to be comfortable in your work attire by also making sure it is durable. In fact, their logo is “Work is tough, Key is tougher”.

KEY was established in 1908. It was created by C.A. Lakin and Harry McKey wanting to make attire for farmers and ranchers that worked the Great Plains. Thats a tough job to encounter. They began the Lakin-McKey Manufacturing Company in Fort Scott, Kansas.

Jut like Dickies, they began with a pair of bib overalls. These overalls were extremely heavy duty and triple stitched. They were so popular that they still exist today and are our top seller here at Construction Gear!

The name of the company then became shortened to Key. They have multiple other sub-companies going on too:

  • Tuf-Nut – apparel for men, women and kids
  • Wolf Mountain – hunting gear  (can be found at sears and other stores)
  • Polar King – clothing to keep you warm
  • Key FR – fire resistant workwear





Now let’s talk about some top sellers:

Obviously our best seller is the Bib Overall that we talked about above. If you are looking for a set of overalls and need them to be durable yet movable, these are your cheap find.


KEY Industries Bib Overall - Hi Back w/ Zippered Fly - 273

  • 100% Cotton ; 12 oz.
  • Triple Needle Stitched
  • High Back
  • Zippered Fly
  • Trade Marked Pocket
  • Button Side Closures
  • Midweight
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps



“Durable overalls with ample room for parts and tools. The double denim reinforced back pockets stand up to heavy loads of tools on the job.” – a Construction Gear customer.








The next top seller can be worn under the bib overalls or on its own… Plain Heavyweight Henley T.

  • Heavyweight
  • Navy100% Cotton
  • Left Chest Pocket
  • 6 Colors



“I’ve found the Key Industries Heavyweight Henley Pocket T-shirts to be a great value. I have both the longsleeve and shortsleeve versions in size large, and have found them to be generous in size, and they wear well. Very comfortable, and look good! $10.99 at Constructionwear.com for the shortsleeve is a great deal.” – Don S, a Construction Gear Customer











The best selling jacket on our site is the Insulated Hooded Duck Jacket.

  • Over-sized Front Zipper
  • Saddle100% Cotton ; 12 oz.
  • Pleated Elbows
  • Water Repellant
  • Available in Saddle and Black










Even though the jacket is a top seller, we have yet for someone to leave a review! If you purchase this jacket, come back to our site and leave a review and we will post it!

As you can tell we love this brand. We are always adding to new items to stay up to date with them and also selling to you at the lowest price on the web.

Stay tuned for the breakdown of the brand, “Carolina”.


If you’re out on the work site and someone is shouting even though the surrounding sounds have quieted, they are probably practicing “passive” ear protection. This simply means that they have regular foam padded ear muffs. This foam muffles the sound coming in from the surroundings which in return protects the ears.

Electronic Ear Muffs have the same foam ear cups therefore without the battery you get the same effect as the passive hearing ear muffs. However, if the battery is in, the microphones on the outside of the ear muffs pick up surrounding noises and deliver them to the user electronically. Sound compression allows you to hear conversation better than even your ears alone can hear but it lowers the sounds of loud noises that are damaging to the ear. In other words, you don’t have to remove your ear muffs when a conversation is going on.

We have a new ear muff here at Construction Gear made by one of our favorites, Pyramex Safety. It is the Clandestine Electronic Ear Muff.

Pyramex Safety Clandestine Electronic Ear Muffs - VGPME10

  • HD Speakers
  • NRR 24 dB
  • Adjustable, Comfortable Headband
  • Collapsible
  • Powered by 2AAA Batties
  • ANSI S3.19 Rated


Electronic ear muffs aren’t just for construction and work site wear. They can be used at shooting range, weed whacking or any area where sound is over 85 dB!


Dickies is a long time favorite of our brands on three of our sites: Construction Gear, Safety Girl and Discount Safety Gear. We are constantly adding new items from them because of how hot they are on our sites and we like to listen to the customers. Dickies initially started out only manufacturing bib overalls and now are the largest work wear manufacturer in the world. We sell pants, shorts, shirts, outerwear, coveralls, overalls and so much more in both men’s and women’s styles. They are durable and meant for the American worker and not to mention stylish….I mean, check out the inventors of Dickies: C.N. Williamson and E.E. Dickie

E. E. Dickie

Ever since 1922, they enjoyed the steady growth of the company. They conquered the Great Depression and World War II. They produced uniforms for millions of the nation’s armed forces. They now sell to countries all over the world.

C.N. Williamson






As you can tell, we are a huge supporter of this company because we believe in their apparel and accessories and know they can stand the test.


BEST SELLING MENS PANTS: Dickies Regular Straight Fit 5-Pocket Denim Jean

indigo blue

  • Traditional Fit in Seat & Thigh
  • 14 oz., Heavyweight Cotton Denim
  • Stress Points Reinforced
  • 7 Keystone Belt Loops for Strength
  • Coin Pocket for Small Belongings
  • Deep Front & Back Pockets
  • Signature Stitching on Back Pockets


“The quality and price of these jeans cannot be beat. They are rugged and hold up to washing and drying time and time again. I have purchased them before and will continue to do so. Am totally satisfied. Thank you, Construction Gear!” – Barb, a CG Customer






BEST SELLING WOMEN’S PANTS:  Dickies Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cargo Pants


  • 7.2 oz., Twill/100% Cotton
  • Sits Slightly Below Waist
  • Extra Room Seat & Thigh
  • Bellowed Cargo Pockets 
  • Multi-Use Side Pocket
  • Available in Black, Brown or Green


“Great pant for work. Would highly recommend!” – Tonyad, a CG Customer






BEST SELLING MEN’S SHIRT: Dickies Short Sleeve Work Shirt



  • Moisture Wicking
  • Stain Release
  • Generous Fit in Shoulders & Chest
  • Resists Wrinkling
  • Square Tail Design Stays Tucked
  • Available in 15 colors!
  • Find the women’s version here!


“Great work shirts! My husband had some of these that he wore daily for years! But after so many years of wear and tear, he needed a few new ones. Very happy with the new shirts! :)” – HRothstein, a CG Customer



Up next in the series: KEY Industries!






Our BRAND NEW boots are just in! We received them in the warehouse just last week and they are each in need of a hard-working owner. These boots have received an extreme amount of attention to detail to best fit our hard working customers that need durable and reliable footwear. Rugged Blue is an Online Stores exclusive that only invests in producing products we know you need and want. AKA: We design them for you! Our original work boot is NEW and IMPROVED. It is not only available in tan but in a brown, nubuck leather also. And our personal favorite, the Jackson is also up for grabs. So let’s get into it:


Rugged Blue Original Steel Toe Work Boots – Dark Brown


Rugged Blue Original Steel Toe Work Boots - Dark Brown

This boot stands up for the name, it is an extremely rugged and heavy duty boot that is made to stand the test of any workplace you place it in. It is made of a brown nubuck leather and steel shank upper for extreme durability. It is also water resistant for those wet workplaces such as construction or any other outside job. The outsole is oil-resistant and PU injected. It will not let you down. PU injection simply means that it is made of polyurethane. This ensures millions of tiny bubbles so that the boot is lightweight, thermal-insulating and lasts longer than rubber or PVC. PU is considered the most suitable material for producing dependable and comfortable safety boots. As for the inside of the boot, there is a mesh lining for breathability and a removable poly insole. Don’t just take our word for it, try them out for yourself.

This boot is available in SOFT OR STEEL toe.



(The steel toe option is ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 Rated)




You can also purchase the Original Work Boot in tan:

Rugged Blue Original Steel Toe Work Boots - Tan


This boot is available in SOFT OR STEEL toe.

(The steel toe option is ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 Rated)












Last but definitely not least is our personal favorite, the Rugged Blue 8″ Jackson Boot.

Rugged Blue 8" Jackson Soft Toe Work Boots - Brown



This boot is also available in a SOFT or STEEL toe option to best fit your needs. The oily tumbled leather is the perfect addition to your boot collection. This boot has an 8″ steel shank upper. It is water, oil AND slip resistant. So don’t be afraid to get dirty. The reinforced leather heel and toe make this boot the most tenacious and heavy duty boot you could imagine! It has a goodyear welt and mesh lining. This boot is so comfortable, you won’t even want to take it off when you get home from an 8 hour work day. It is available on our site in sizes ranging from 7-14. Seriously…don’t miss out on this deal!


We spent time to determine what makes a work boot great. We wanted to give you boots that are comfortable, durable, heavy duty without sacrificing your wallet. We designed them with other popular boots in mind and completed the task with these three crazy good work boots.








Image result for carhartt

We want to start a new series called “Let’s Talk Brands”, where we go in depth on some of the hottest items from specific brands that we carry and the customer reviews that these items get. Carhartt is perfect to start with because it is one of our top brands in general.

Carhartt was founded way back in 1889 when only two sewing machines were used to make overalls in a small Detorit loft. It grew and grew until now, Carhartt has produced over 80 million articles and accessories in the United States.

We love the durability, comfort and effort that these clothes and accessories offer and that’s why we sell them to our loyal customers. So lets begin:

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket T-Shirt - K87



The Famous K87 Tee is and will probably continue to be one of our greatest sellers for a very long time. We offer it in 11 different shades and it is a simple, 100% cotton jersey knit. The Carhartt symbol is sewn on the left chest pocket.

“Been wearing them for 35 plus years. Still they look good and fit just fine. Long lasting too.” -Gary, a Construction Gear customer.

Carhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Tapered Leg Jean - B17


The Relaxed Fit Tapered Leg Jean (B17) is a great choice for those who work hard and need a durable, lasting pair of jeans. They are available in two washes, dark stone and stone wash. They sit right above the waist, so they won’t slip down and are relaxed in the butt and thigh for sitting and standing. You can also order your true size because they have minimal shrinking.

“The jeans I had ordered were just what I was expecting. This is the 4th or 5th set of 4pair I have ordered. I’m a dairy farmer and they usually last about 4yrs a set.” – Christopher G, a Carhartt Customer

carhartt brown


If you need a top and pants all in one, try these awesome overalls, the Carhartt Men’s Duck Bib Unlined Overall (R01). They are available in both duck brown and black. They are 12 oz. heavyweight with double knees for further durability. See our website page for a sizing chart to get your best fit.

“Local area store no longer carries Carhartt Bibs. I had never ordered from construction gear before. Found company online, good price, and Free Shipping!! And now 5% off next purchase for my review. GREAT!!” – Rick, a Customer at Construction Gear

Carhartt Men's Grain Leather Safety Glove Work Glove - A518


Our last hot ticket item is a pair of super dependable work gloves, the Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Safety Cuff Work Gloves. They are made of cotton duck and have grain cowhide palms and suede palm patches. The Carhartt Logo is across the knuckles, providing extra safety. Seriously, try these!

“I use these gloves from everything like throwing hay, to light duty mig and tig welding. They are the best pair of gloves I have ever gotten.” – Tristan, a Carhartt Customer


As you can tell, we love Carhartt as much you do. There are so many other products that are great and too long of a list so check them out. No matter what you’re in the market for, we can find something of awesome quality for you from this brand. Watch out, Dickies is up next!

“I believe that when a man wears an article that I manufacture, his self-respect is increased because he knows that it is made by an honest manufacturer, who is honest with his employees” – Hamilton Carhartt