Merry Christmas from Construction Gear

Ok so I’ve gotten requests to post progress photos. These are some ugly shots of the wallpaper coming down, in various stages. I have found that stripping an average room, above wainscoting only, takes about 3-5 good hours, including cleanup. It’s a great project because it also can be done in small blocks of time.... Continue Reading →

All I Want for Christmas

He works hard every day!  His boots are his most valuable tool for his work day!  If his feet get too wet or too cold or damaged, then he can’t work. It’s very important to him to have the right work boots!  He looked high and low at perusing the over 600 boots available... Continue Reading →

Christmas Gifts for Kids

By Laura Jones It is never too early to think about buying Christmas gifts for kids, and it should come as no surprise that oftentimes those kids want to be just like mom and dad, especially when it comes to their jobs. You work hard regardless of what equipment you use or what type of... Continue Reading →

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