Christmas Gifts for Kids

By Laura Jones

It is never too early to think about buying Christmas gifts for kids, and it should come as no surprise that oftentimes those kids want to be just like mom and dad, especially when it comes to their jobs. You work hard regardless of what equipment you use or what type of clothing you need to wear, and kids always want to have what you have to get the job done right. If you have a little one who looks up to you, it might be a good time to think about buying that little shadow some work safety equipment that is just like yours for Christmas.

There are actually many high quality, awesome safety products available in children’s sizes. Kids love wearing things like this when they have a job to do, such as helping you to fix the car or work on the home improvement project with you. You will easily find items such as safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs, hard hats, sunglasses and face shields, ear muffs and more. Perhaps one day soon your child will be able to wear his or her new safety gear for children when they come with you to work for a day!

Some of the best safety glasses for children are made by MSA Sierra and Pyramex. You could get a new pair for you and a matching pair for your child, because they are the exact same styles only smaller! They are available in tinted, clear or mirrored lenses.

The safety hats and helmets for kids also are just like an adult’s hat, again only in a scaled down version. One of the most notable differences you will immediately see between the children’s safety gear and your own are the colors- happy, bright and lively colors are often what this type of safety gear comes in- colors like blue, green, pink and red are very popular with the kids right now! The children’s hard hats are fitted, and they are available in sizes that range from 6 to 7 1/8. Make sure before you order your child’s safety gear that you are certain of the sizes that you are going to need to order!

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  1. Good to instill an appreciation for safety in them now! If you make safety a part of their daily routine, they are more likely to carry those values with them with then move into the workplace. Very fun idea!

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