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msavgft_-06_brown_v-gard-fas-trac-slotted-protective-capWe recently got a question from a reader on how to avoid hardhat hair. There are a few options, and none of them is difficult or expensive, but none of them is going to have  you looking like you just stepped out of a salon. Sorry! Consider it the cost of the job.

You can…

Wrap a bandana around the suspension unit to lessen the marks left behind by them.

Wear a natural-fiber hat under the hat in the winter – synthetic fibers will create static and fly-aways.

Never start with even damp hair. Wet hair will exacerbate the condition!

Style your hair while you wear the hat! If it’s long, wrap your hair into a loose bun or twisty pony shoved under the hat, and let the hat set the curl. If it’s short, carry a volumizing product with you and when you remove the hat, rub just a bit of the product between your hands and fluff your locks.

Don’t wear metal barettes, which can conduct electricity.

If you wear a ponytail down, make it low!

And here’s my personal favorite: if you part your hair on the side, start on the opposite side, and part low. When you take off the hat, flip the part to its typical position and the worst of the dented hair will be under smoother hair.

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It’s the season for the NFL!  Discount Safety Gear has all the NFL team hard hats. So, if the Steelers aren’t your team, we have your team’s hard hat in stock.  It usually ships in 1-2 business days.

MSA818407_-00_Pittsburgh-Steelers-V-Gard-Hard-HatThe Pittsburgh Steelers hard hat is made by MSA and provides tough, lightweight protection with a patented shock absorbing suspension. The MSA V-gard Steelers hard hat comes equipped with the comfortable, strap-adjustable Staz-On suspension. All of our NFL hard hats are officially licensed and meet the requirements of OSHA for a Type I (top impact) helmet as outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003, Class E. ANSI Type I hard hats meet stringent vertical impact and penetration requirements. MSA recommends replacing hard hats and caps every 60 months and suspensions every 12 months. Safety directors will appreciate the compliance to safety which workers will acknowledge, just so they can support their favorite team. Express your NFL without even speaking and more importantly stay safe.

General hard hat info along with product specific information is all found at our Hard Hat General Information page. Questions involving head protection or for more information on ANSI and OSHA regulations as it pertains to Head Protection please visit our Head Protection FAQ’s page.

The “name” is a 2″ wide vinyl sticker that can be unique to each hard hat you purchase. The font used is Arial and the print is either white or black, depending on the color of the hard hat.


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mess100 years in the same house + 3 generations + the flotsam of life = 3 stories + 3 outbuildings gorged with stuff!  Some is treasure – buried to be sure! Much is trash. The buildings are headed for demolition so two cousins are spending hours and days sorting it out. It’s a nasty job but someone has to do it to retrieve the treasure – silver coins and much more!

Online StoresConstruction Gear, Safety Girl, and Discount Safety Gear can help:        

Hours of kneeling pulling from the piles – CHECK!  We’ve got you covered with knee pads

Disp RespiratorDust, dust, dust – breathe in, breathe out! CHECK! We’ve got you covered with disposable face masks.

Danger – hazardous to clothing – CHECK! We’ve got you covered with disposable coveralls to protect your clothes.

coverallsHeads-up – Hard hats must be standard gear! CHECK! We’ve got you covered with our construction grade hard hats! They even come in snazzy colors for fashionistas!

hard hatSorting, trashing, treasuring, saving – It’s all in a day’s work. No, make that MANY days! You’re on your own! We don’t make house calls!


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Imageconstructiongear.com wants you! Send us your photos of our products in use or on display. If we use your picture, we will send you a $25 thank-you gift to be used on any of our merchandise! email photos to elizabeth.stubna@onlinestores.com with the product’s website item number or SKU, and the name and address on your registered account, so we can be sure to get your prize to you!

Please note the following: you must be a registered user of constructiongear.com (you can register here: https://www.constructiongear.com/customer/account/create/) to receive your non-transferrable credit code. Limit one credit code per registered user of constructiongear.com. Remitting photos indicates your agreement that the photos are your own, and everyone identifiable in them has given consent to have their likeness used by us for any purpose on any onlinestores.com website. Photos must be accompanied by the SKU or item number from constructiongear.com.

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Si eres un orgulloso mexicano que trabaje en el sector de construcción, no te puedes perder la oportunidad de estrenar uno de estos nuevos cascos mexicanos, los cuales tienen un diseño patriótico que sin duda te va a encantar.

El diseño del casco incluye a la bandera de México así como a su escudo, jamás perderá sus colores brillantes debido al acabado superior que tiene.

Sin embargo, cuando te pongas este casco, no simplemente estarás demostrando el orgullo mexicano que tienes adentro, sino también protegiéndote a la vez, pues el casco cumple con todos los requerimientos ANSI, lo que significa que proteja adecuadamente contra los impactos y penetraciones verticales.

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When quality and safety is required and you are on a tight construction budget, it’s difficult to beat hard hats under $10. These hard hats meet all stringent OSHA vertical impact and penetration requirements to keep you safe on the job site. With trusted brand names, and hard hats that meet safety regulations, at these rock-bottom prices, it’s wise to buy in bulk.

north k2North K2 Hard Hat with Quick Fit Adjustment for superb strength and rigidity. Featuring a 4-point nylon suspension with crown pad and forehead comfort band, with 4-point chin strap anchorage and 3-level height adjustment, this North hard hat is ANSI Type 1, Class E compliant. ANSI Type I helmets meet OSHA’s stringent vertical impact and penetration requirements. Lightweight, this hard hat weighs 11.9 oz. and is priced at $5.80 each.

Bullard Model 5100 w/ Pin Lock Suspension is lightweight and featuring a rain trough. This hard hat is made from high density polyethylene and has a trim profile for good balance. Bullard Model 5100 w/ Pin Lock Suspension meets ANSI Z89.1, 2003 Type 1, Class E & G. Available in red, hi-viz orange, yellow, hi-viz yellow, hi-viz green, Kentucky blue, and white. Our price $7.95 each.

pink northPink Hard Hat by North – Peak Ratchet Adjustment is versatile and dependable consisting of a grooved HDPE (high density polyethylene) outer shell rain trough, and accessory slots. The handy ratchet adjustment allows you to make fast comfort adjustments. North® installed a 4-point nylon suspension with 3-level height adjustment and two anchor points for perfect chin strap comfort. ANSI Type 1, Class E compliant. ANSI Type I helmets meet stringent OSHA vertical impact and penetration requirements. Our price $8.24 each. This item usually ships in 2-3 business days.

Peak Ratchet-Adjust Hard Hat is another dependable design from North® featuring grooved outer shell rain trough and accessory slots. Ratchet adjustment for fast comfort changes and 4-point nylon suspension with 3-level height adjustment; two anchor points on the chin strap makes an exact fit a breeze. ANSI Type 1, Class E compliant. ANSI Type I helmets meet stringent vertical impact and penetration requirements. Available in a rainbow of bright colors. Priced low at $8.24 each.

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While searching for some current hard hat news, I stumbled upon a few new products that were too unique to pass up. These hard hat accessories are recent additions to the market and since I’d never seen anything like them, I just had to share.

hard hat accessories pencil clipThe Pencil Clipper from ABC Safety Glasses is a one-of-a-kind accessory. This product eliminates having to keep your pencil behind your ear or in your pocket where it could fall out or break. It attaches to any style hard hat (curved or flat) and securely holds your pen or pencil with in easy reach.

hard hat acessoriesThe Hard Hat Safety Light is a practical and convenient way for you to stay safe on the job. The small light weighs only 1.6 ounces and easily attaches to most hard hats by utilizing a 3M strip. It comes in red or amber and the light can be set to remain on or flash. Three AAA are included as an extra perk. This nifty little light can be seen from up to half a mile away and it’s a small price to pay for your safety!

hard hat accessories mirrorsThese Keeping Safety in Sight hard hat mirrors were designed to offer extra protection to construction workers. Between 1995 and 2007 there were 1,482 workers lost their lives due to a vehicle or construction equipment that came from behind. They just weren’t aware. These mirrors clip on to any hard hat and add 180degree peripheral vision while not impeding your vision at all. They are made of nonconductive material, tinted to eliminate glare, and adjustable for your convenience.

826148The SensGard® Hardhat Adaptor is an economical solution for those who require hearing protection. Clipping on to just about every hard hat model, this ear protection weight less than 2 ounces. Coming in two different models, this accessory can offer either 26 or 31 decibel noise reduction. Blocking out harmful noise, but still allowing speech and ambient noise to be discernable, this is a practical product for any construction worker.

hard hat accessories cooling systemFinally, the Hard Hat Cooling System will keep you cool and comfortable on hot summer days. The motorized fan is run by rechargeable batteries (included) and it cycles on and off throughout the day and circulates the humid air out of hard hat. This air can sometimes reach up to 160degrees, so this will definitely keep you cool. Attaches onto most long and short brim hard hats.

Next time you’re heading out to a job site check and see if any of these hard had accessories could be useful to you!

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