Break the Mold with Cowboy Hard Hats

Cowboy Hard Hat

The days of boring and uncomfortable hard hats are gone. Now workers can be safe, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time. Several manufacturers are following this new trend, but one does it better than the rest. Vulcan cowboy hard hats provide optimal safety properties, comfort, and style.

Vulcan cowboy hard hats are different from anything you have ever seen before. These hats promote compliance, safety, and fun at the job site. The cowboy hard hats have a durable shell constructed of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) which resists penetration, deflects vertical and lateral blows to the head, and reduces the overall danger from exposure to low and high voltage electrical conductors. They are also in compliance with ANSI Z89.1, Type I, Class E, G, and C.

In addition to preventing head injury, Vulcan cowboy hard hats are stylish with a unique design all their own. The design features a custom curled extra wide brim for more UV and rain protection than standard full brim hard hats. Vulcan cowboy hard hats also feature a vintage inspired pinch-front top for authentic appeal. An additional feature provided by these hard hats is ultimate comfort.

Cowboy Hard Hat

The comfort of these cowboy inspired hard hats is in the choice of two suspension systems. Vulcan cowboy style hard hats have a choice between a 6-point regular suspension system and a 6-point ratchet suspension system. Both suspension systems feature an ultra soft yet strong, comfortable, 6 load bearing points of woven nylon web with crown strap that acts as a rugged shock absorber. These suspensions also feature a plush terry cloth like headband for optimal comfort and keeps sweat out of the eyes.

Several customers have sung their praises for the Vulcan cowboy hard hat claiming ultimate comfort and head protection. It does not get better than this – style, safety, and comfort. Check out cowboy hard hats in your favorite color and tell me what you think. As always, be safe!

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