The NFL Hard Hat

NFL teams across the nation will soon be opening their preseason training camps, and that means there’s no better time to buy an NFL hard hat than right now. No matter which team you cheer for, there’s an NFL hard hat for you. Of course, if you happen to be a Cleveland Browns fan, you... Continue Reading →

Winter Hard Hat Liners by Occunomix

The name Occunomix is well known and respected in the hard hat industry, and their winter hard hat liners are hard to beat for quality, warmth, and value. Manufactured in a variety of styles and fabrics to suit all tastes, these hard hat winter liners are fantastic. So pick your favorite liners before the onset... Continue Reading →

MSA Freedom Series Hard Hats

The Freedom Series of hard hats by MSA really let you show off your true colors with their brightly painted, well finished hard hats that will appeal to everybody that wants to cheer up their work day blues. Mexican Hard Hat: This Mexican hard hat Es Muy Bueno—proudly show off your country’s flag as you... Continue Reading →

Bump Cap Buyer’s Guide

There are many working conditions where a bump cap may be used, such as when there is no danger of getting hit by falling objects and no danger of electrical shock. Bump caps are ideal for industries such as meat-packing, bakeries, food processing, fruit harvesting, pest control, and low beam obstructions. Bump caps are not... Continue Reading →

Hard Hats Under $10

When quality and safety is required and you are on a tight construction budget, it’s difficult to beat hard hats under $10. These hard hats meet all stringent OSHA vertical impact and penetration requirements to keep you safe on the job site. With trusted brand names, and hard hats that meet safety regulations, at these... Continue Reading →

Hard Hat Accessories

While searching for some current hard hat news, I stumbled upon a few new products that were too unique to pass up. These hard hat accessories are recent additions to the market and since I’d never seen anything like them, I just had to share. The Pencil Clipper from ABC Safety Glasses is a one-of-a-kind... Continue Reading →

Cowboy Hard Hats

Hard hats, although necessary, are sometimes not likely to be worn because they look so unfashionable and dated. It seems their design has stayed the same for decades, never changing; remaining dull and boring—it’s no wonder nobody wants to wear them—even though the wearing of a hard hat is mandatory on a construction site if... Continue Reading →

When To Wear a Hard Hat

If you're like most employers, I'm sure you've got a lot more to worry about in running your business this year without having to think about whether or not your employees are wearing hard hats. Here at the Discount Safety Store, we often get many questions from construction and industrial workers asking us, "When am... Continue Reading →

SEEKING: Bloggers for the Hard Hats Blog

Are you knowledgeable about hard hats and head protection? Do you enjoy writing? You are in luck; we are seeking talented bloggers to write for the Hard Hats Blog, a partner site of All writers, if selected, will be generously compensated for their time and efforts - and what’s better than getting paid to... Continue Reading →

OSHA Regulations for Hard Hats

Are you a business owner or contractor with employees to keep safe? If so, you need to be aware of head protection requirements set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). As an employer it is your responsibility to protect your employees from potential head injuries that can leave them impaired for life or end... Continue Reading →

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