OSHA Regulations for Hard Hats

Are you a business owner or contractor with employees to keep safe? If so, you need to be aware of head protection requirements set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). As an employer it is your responsibility to protect your employees from potential head injuries that can leave them impaired for life or end... Continue Reading →

Hard Hat Chin Straps Can Prevent Head Injury

Too often there are reports of head injuries at work sites. Sometimes the injuries are the result of workers not wearing their hard hats. Other times injuries result from hard hat suspensions not being properly installed. The majority of the time injuries are caused from a hard hat becoming dislodged from the worker's head. Is... Continue Reading →

Aluminum Hard Hats are Making a Comeback

Have you had the experience of finding the perfect item and then the manufacturer discontinues it? This gets to be quite a pain and frustrating. It is almost the same as Pepsi discontinuing their version of clear cola years ago. Another favorite item of mine that was discontinued years ago is the aluminum hard hat.... Continue Reading →

What is the Hype About Custom Hard Hats?

Are you a sole proprietor in the construction industry looking for a new way to advertise your company? Perhaps, a foreman looking for a new way to increase hard hat compliance? Regardless of whether you are a sole proprietor or a foreman, there is a fantastic product available for everyone. It is custom hard hats!... Continue Reading →

Break the Mold with Cowboy Hard Hats

The days of boring and uncomfortable hard hats are gone. Now workers can be safe, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time. Several manufacturers are following this new trend, but one does it better than the rest. Vulcan cowboy hard hats provide optimal safety properties, comfort, and style. Vulcan cowboy hard hats are different... Continue Reading →

How Are Hard Hats Tested?

Hard hats undergo strict testing according to ANSI criteria before being deemed able to provide adequate head protection. The way this works is a sample of hard hats from a batch or production shift are set aside for testing. They are tested in several areas including impact energy attenuation, apex penetration, and electrical insulation. Testing... Continue Reading →

2003 ANSI Standards For Hard Hats

Are you up-to-date with current ANSI standards for hard hats? If not, you need to, because product-testing procedures change and improved designs are introduced. This is the fifth revision of the standard that provides performance and testing requirements for hard hats. In 2003, ANSI revised the Z89.1-1997 standard. The changes were made according to national... Continue Reading →

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