Bump Cap Buyer’s Guide

There are many working conditions where a bump cap may be used, such as when there is no danger of getting hit by falling objects and no danger of electrical shock. Bump caps are ideal for industries such as meat-packing, bakeries, food processing, fruit harvesting, pest control, and low beam obstructions. Bump caps are not to be confused with safety-compliant hard hats like those used on construction sites.

Norh Delux Bump Cap
Norh Delux Bump Cap

North Deluxe Bump Cap: These bump caps are lightweight and ideal for low-hazard working conditions; well ventilated, they’re are super for all weather conditions. This bump cap features 4-point adjustable suspension and a cushioned brow pad for the ultimate in comfort. These bump caps are available in red, orange, sky blue, white, yellow, dark green, and navy blue.

Bullard Bump Cap: Made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), these bump caps are lightweight and durable. Bump caps prevent minor scratches, bumps and lacerations due to minor working hazards and must never be worn in place of a compliant hard hat. Unlike similar products, this cap accommodates a face shield bracket and visor. This bump cap is available in three colors: red, yellow, and white.

Red Pyramex Bump Cap
Red Pyramex Bump Cap

Pyramex Bump Cap: The Pyramex® cap’s outer shell is made of hard, durable polyethylene and includes ventilation holes in the cap sides for adequate air circulation and ventilation. 4-point standard suspension is simple to adjust and a soft cushion sweatband provides ultra comfort when worn. This brand of bump cap is available in popular colors including red, yellow, white, brown, gray, orange, and blue.

We are offering winter hard hat liners on sale—purchase all the liners you need now and save money!

Rawhyde Frontier Patriot Winter Liner: Patriotic stars and stripes hard hat liner comprises a twill outer layer and a polyester/cotton inner lining to keep out the cold. This liner features extra length in the neck to keep the chill out.

Occunomix Heavy-Duty Full Face Fleece Hard Hat Liner: Manufactured from 100% heavyweight polyester fleece to keep you warm and snug under your bump cap or hard hat. This winter liner contains two pockets for HOT RODS® regular size warming packs. Grab a bunch of these while their on sale!

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