Meet SafetyGirl

In anticipation of restoring my new-to-me home, I brought some Safety Girl, Discount Safety Gear, and Construction Gear products home last week. Happily, I got a Friday commute text from my boyfriend that his daughter had decided to rip up her bedroom carpet, that I should stop over, and he was otherwise speechless (him speechless... Continue Reading →

Show Us Yours wants you! Send us your photos of our products in use or on display. If we use your picture, we will send you a $25 thank-you gift to be used on any of our merchandise! email photos to with the product’s website item number or SKU, and the name and address on your... Continue Reading →

Work Gloves Questions Answered

News flash everyone: do not believe everything you read about work gloves! I know what all of you may be thinking, "Krystal, you write about work gloves and you are implying the need to be skeptical?" Yes, that is exactly what I am implying. A well informed consumer questions everything and there is absolutely nothing... Continue Reading →

PVC Work Gloves: Economical and Optimal Hand Protection

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among the 3.8 million work-related injuries that occur each year, the majority involve the hands and fingers. This is a staggering statistic especially when most injuries can be prevented by wearing appropriate hand protection. Several workers are in environments where they encounter dangerous substances such as... Continue Reading →

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