PVC Work Gloves: Economical and Optimal Hand Protection

North DeckHand PVC Work Gloves

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among the 3.8 million work-related injuries that occur each year, the majority involve the hands and fingers. This is a staggering statistic especially when most injuries can be prevented by wearing appropriate hand protection. Several workers are in environments where they encounter dangerous substances such as petrochemical, refining, painting, oil and gas, etc. Are you a person working in one of these environments? If so, you need to read on about PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) work gloves.

There are several benefits to PVC work gloves. They are ideal for those people who are in working environments exposed to substances such as fats, oils, acids, caustics, because the material is chemical resistant. Chemicals such as the ones mentioned will not penetrate the gloves and cause hand injury.

PVC work gloves are also resistant to alcohols and glycol ethers, but not aromatics, aldehydes and ketones. Another significant benefit of gloves created with this material is they are the most economical choice for the level of protection provided. The gloves are reasonably priced and provide an optimal level of chemical resistance protecting one of your most precious assets – your hands.

Not only are PVC work gloves economical and chemical resistant, but they are also abrasion resistant. PVC material is durable with exceptional strength making it perfect for construction, mining, or any other work environment where chemicals and abrasions can occur. It gets better; PVC work gloves are also flame resistant with fire prevention properties. The material is difficult to ignite and in the absence of a powerful external flame will not continue to burn. This is a significant benefit if your work environment involves flammable substances.

North Trawler King PVC Work Gloves

PVC work gloves are a popular choice among workers from fish hatcheries to mines for their amazing protective properties. A pair of safety gloves to consider is Trawler King by North. They are ambidextrous, durable, and protect your hands from several chemicals preventing injury. In summary, wear your work gloves and do not become another statistic.

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