Consumers’ Guide to Chemical Resistant Gloves

North NitriGuard Chemical Resistant Gloves

Do you feel like you need a dictionary when purchasing chemical resistant gloves? Trust me I doubt you are alone in that respect. The good news is there is a simple guide to help you navigate the “dictionary” of chemical resistant gloves. Keep reading for simplified definitions to terms used in relation to chemical resistant gloves.

Breakthrough Time – time that elapses during standard tests between initial contact of a chemical with the outside surface of a protective material (such as rubber glove)

Copolymer – material created by polymerizing a mixture of two (or more) starting compounds

Degradation – loss of resilience of material used for safety gloves may cause the material to soften, swell, become hard and brittle, or in severe cases – disintegrate

Penetration – movement of chemicals through zippers, stitched seams or imperfections (i.e. pinholes) in safety gloves

Permeation – process by which a chemical can pass through a material such as a protective glove

Polymer – substance formed by the union of small molecules of the same kind (monomers)

Best Nitri-Solve Chemical Resistant Gloves

Now you can leave the dictionary at home and purchase chemical resistant gloves with ease.  Two great selections for chemical resistant gloves are NitriGuard and Trawler King both manufactured by North. Also, available is Nitri-Solve manufactured by Best. All three featured selections feature comfort and optimal hand protection from chemicals.  More information about selecting chemical resistant gloves is available at

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