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IMG_4745We seem to be in the middle of a heatwave here in the UK, temperatures are soaring here and now after the damaging wind in Spring we have high temperature and no rain!  The weather is never right for us gardeners though is it?  No rain means I have to water most evenings!

Any way I managed to plant all the annuals and although they need watering still they are growing well.  The white Alyssum is planted with a blue Lobelia on either side and they are coming together well.  The Calendula further back is flowering well, fortunately they likes the dry conditions we have just now.  The slugs and snails are having a field day with the French Marigolds anyone would think they had not eaten all Winter!  I am hopeful that some will grow through without being devoured by slugs or snails.​


The Peonies have been spectacular this year, most of them have a wonderful scent, we have different colours but the white ones are the longest living ones.  Peonies are groIMG_4612wn from a tuber similar to a dahlia and you can take some of the tuber and grow on another plant if you know someone with a nice plant.​

The tall blue flowers in this photo are Campanula and I have them in blue and white here and elsewhere in the garden, June, of course, is the month of Roses but with the cold and windy Spring they are a little later this year.  The one on the right  in the photo is a chocolate rose which does smell of chocolate they other one has been in the garden a long time and was here before I came!

IMG_4752This month and next  there is not so much to do in the garden, hanging baskets and pots to water of course and there is always weeding to be done!   Today, however,  was the sort of day that one could sit out in the garden and admire all that work one put in earlier so I put some cushions out and did just that.


So, enjoy your Summer wherever you are and I will look forward to welcoming you back to my garden in the Autumn or as you call it the Fall.

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20150426_135642…and I thought last year my cleated tennis shoes would do the job on my multi-acre hillside, especially with a new self-propelled push mower. Not so! Even the propellation (is that a word?!) wasn’t enough for this little girl. I used to watch my dad mow this entire yard, with seemingly little effort. Then he’d come in and take a drink of the sun tea he had made. I remember the first time I tried to tackle the job, after over an hour later with the upper hill still untouched, gritty and breathless, I thought, “he probably would have liked if one of us had made the tea and had it ready for him.” In later years he attached a piece of rope to the mower, to stand up a few feet and allow the mower to slide down on its own, then pull it back up with the rope, so he didn’t need to bend or walk so much. He did this the fall he had to have had the cancer, before we knew it. A dying “old man” still did a much better job than this relatively in-shape girl could.

I bit the bullet and put on my pristine pink Safety Girl boots, knowing the pretty toes would green up pretty quickly from grass. I was able to mow more of the hillside (all the way up to the second garden!) with these babies. I still can’t do the full job my dad did but I think he would have been proud of what I can accomplish.

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Last Rose of Summer

Rose of SummerJust about anywhere in the continental United States roses are still in bloom. However, in many places it may not be long until the last rose of summer appears. Meanwhile there is lots of work for the serious rose gardener to prepare this queen of the garden scene to endure the winter and bloom again next spring and summer even more strongly. There is pruning and mulching. There is cutting last blooms. There is cleaning the rose bed itself and lots more. The beauty of a home-grown rose is practically unparalleled in the botanical arsenal, growing roses is lots of hard work with huge reward at the end of the process!

There is peril in the process, however, due to the pesky thorns. These wonderful West County Gardener Gauntlet Rose Gloves from Construction Gear are just the ticket to avoid the thorns. Made of synthetic heavyweight suedegloves, they are intentionally thorn proof but also lightweight and fully washable. Unlike their shorter cousins, standard gardening gloves, these are gauntlet gloves extending arm protection up to the elbow to save shirts and skin from snags. These gloves are the perfect match for the last rose of summer and will winter over well to be ready for spring and another season of rose beauty!


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One of the great things about gardening is that it’s enjoyable for both men and women. The only difference being that men commonly plant stuff they can eat, whereas women like planting flowers. Well, I guess that’s not the only difference. Women also enjoy wearing gardening gloves for women, while men, on the other hand, go with gardening gloves for men. Go figure!

Bionic Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves for women are available in a number of wonderful colors, including green, light blue, pink and purple. They’re also made by a number of excellent companies, such as Bionic, West County, and WWG. Some gardening gloves for women are made of such materials as spandex, others are made of leather.

If, ladies, it’s light-duty gardening and yard work that you’re looking to carry out, we recommend going with something along the lines of these Bionic Blooms Gardening Gloves. Made from a lightweight and breathable spandex material, these gardening gloves for women also have finger tips and palms that have been reinforced with silicone.

Now, if you’re looking to do a little heavy lifting, just go ahead and slip your hands into the wonderland that is a pair of WWG Cuffed Goatskin Gardening Gloves. Made from buttery-soft goatskin (seriously, goat scientists have deemed this particular type of goat skin to be buttery-soft), these gardening gloves for women are sure to be an instant hit with any woman.

These are only a few of the options available to women looking for a good pair of gardening gloves. Check out a few pair for yourself and decide which one works best for you and your needs. Happy gardening!

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If given the opportunity to choose between gardening gloves made from different materials, who’s going to go with anything other than leather? Leather gardening gloves have been proven time and again to last longer and perform better than any other type of gardening glove, which is probably why real gardeners almost always use them.

Of course, as with anything else, gardening gloves are made by a number of different manufacturers. Some of the better ones include Bionic, Carhartt, Caterpillar and DeWalt. For my money, Top Grain also makes a fine gardening glove.

Aside from lasting longer and performing better, gloves made by the companies mentioned above also fit better. I mean, who wants to wear an uncomfortable glove all day? Ironclad and Tillman also sell great-fitting gloves at affordable prices.

Another great thing about gardening gloves is the fact that they don’t always need to be used specifically for gardening. Once fall and winter roll around you can always use gardening gloves for other purposes, such as cleaning up the garage, bringing in wood for the fire, shoveling snow, and so on.

With thousands of different designs available from hundreds of different manufacturers, it’s easy to find the perfect leather gardening gloves. You may also want to consider getting yourself a nice pair of gardening kneepads as well. They’re inexpensive and can go a long way toward keeping your knees from getting sore.

So, looks like all that’s left to do is get gardening! What are you thinking of planting this year? Some tomatoes? How about some delicious onions? Cabbage? Squash? Zucchini? The possibilities are endless! Just make sure not to forget your gardening gloves!

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