Last Rose of Summer

Rose of SummerJust about anywhere in the continental United States roses are still in bloom. However, in many places it may not be long until the last rose of summer appears. Meanwhile there is lots of work for the serious rose gardener to prepare this queen of the garden scene to endure the winter and bloom again next spring and summer even more strongly. There is pruning and mulching. There is cutting last blooms. There is cleaning the rose bed itself and lots more. The beauty of a home-grown rose is practically unparalleled in the botanical arsenal, growing roses is lots of hard work with huge reward at the end of the process!

There is peril in the process, however, due to the pesky thorns. These wonderful West County Gardener Gauntlet Rose Gloves from Construction Gear are just the ticket to avoid the thorns. Made of synthetic heavyweight suedegloves, they are intentionally thorn proof but also lightweight and fully washable. Unlike their shorter cousins, standard gardening gloves, these are gauntlet gloves extending arm protection up to the elbow to save shirts and skin from snags. These gloves are the perfect match for the last rose of summer and will winter over well to be ready for spring and another season of rose beauty!


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