Leather Gardening Gloves

If given the opportunity to choose between gardening gloves made from different materials, who’s going to go with anything other than leather? Leather gardening gloves have been proven time and again to last longer and perform better than any other type of gardening glove, which is probably why real gardeners almost always use them.

Of course, as with anything else, gardening gloves are made by a number of different manufacturers. Some of the better ones include Bionic, Carhartt, Caterpillar and DeWalt. For my money, Top Grain also makes a fine gardening glove.

Aside from lasting longer and performing better, gloves made by the companies mentioned above also fit better. I mean, who wants to wear an uncomfortable glove all day? Ironclad and Tillman also sell great-fitting gloves at affordable prices.

Another great thing about gardening gloves is the fact that they don’t always need to be used specifically for gardening. Once fall and winter roll around you can always use gardening gloves for other purposes, such as cleaning up the garage, bringing in wood for the fire, shoveling snow, and so on.

With thousands of different designs available from hundreds of different manufacturers, it’s easy to find the perfect leather gardening gloves. You may also want to consider getting yourself a nice pair of gardening kneepads as well. They’re inexpensive and can go a long way toward keeping your knees from getting sore.

So, looks like all that’s left to do is get gardening! What are you thinking of planting this year? Some tomatoes? How about some delicious onions? Cabbage? Squash? Zucchini? The possibilities are endless! Just make sure not to forget your gardening gloves!

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