Fixtures and Finishing Touches

This blog’s focus, two little words: install. lighting. Cost: $50. Total cost for the bathroom: slightly under $200 with some leftover materials for the next room. My weekend started early; Thursday night Andy was busy with the girls and a friend chatted me to see if I was ok. JD was in our circle of... Continue Reading →

Rag Rolling

Now that hockey season has started (if you have kids that seriously engage in the sport, you know it requires about 13 months and billions of dollars a year), I will have some weekends to myself as Andy travels or hosts for hockey showcases, championships, and tournaments. Lucy plays while Gracie values the dad-time. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Beginning in the Bathroom

I tried to knock out as much as I could on the bathroom while Andy was away on his annual golf weekend. I had high aspirations. It’s a tiny room; how hard can it be!? Ha! Thursday evening I mapped out my plan. Ceiling first, then cabinetry. I assembled my supplies and equipment, and Andy... Continue Reading →

I’ll Work On It

So I take a deep breath, look around me, and see possibilities and a ton of work. I am going to update a farmhouse, in real time, myself. I intend to do most everything I can myself, excepting if I add a second bathroom. That will require someone who likes to do plumbing more than... Continue Reading →

Disposable Gloves Are Used for Various Jobs

Disposable gloves are no longer just for medical personnel. Thanks to advancements in modern science, we are finding there are more communicable diseases than ever. Now days several industries use hand protection including postal workers, law enforcement, food preparation workers, and factory workers. Disposable gloves are designed to protect blood and other bodily fluids, bacteria,... Continue Reading →

Is Kevlar Just Hype?

Many people are skeptical about the marvels of Kevlar. It seems unbelievable that a material used for so many objects including bulletproof vests, fire resistant mattresses, and rotor blades can be useful in work gloves. Skepticism is to be expected with the vast majority of products promoted by false advertising. In this instance, this product,... Continue Reading →

Guide to Work Glove Materials

Is purchasing a pair of  work gloves a confusing task? It is completely understandable since there are so many different types including Kevlar, nitrile, natural rubber, polyethylene, and the list goes on. A good place to begin when selecting work gloves is to figure out what types of material you are working with. Are you... Continue Reading →

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