Is Kevlar Just Hype?

Kevlar Gloves

Many people are skeptical about the marvels of Kevlar. It seems unbelievable that a material used for so many objects including bulletproof vests, fire resistant mattresses, and rotor blades can be useful in work gloves. Skepticism is to be expected with the vast majority of products promoted by false advertising. In this instance, this product, Kevlar is everything it claims to be.

Kevlar brand fiber is exceptionally strong, light, and cut resistant making it perfect for work gloves. It provides optimal cut resistance. The material provides more than 2.5 times cut resistance of leather and cotton. Kevlar is flame-resistant providing the best thermal protection so your work gloves will not melt. Other materials including nylon, polyester, and polyethylene do not have the same strength to tolerate high temperatures.

DuPont (creators of Kevlar) conduct demonstrations in their Torture Chamber to prove the material’s efficacy. The Torture Chamber is a rotating Plexiglas drum with razor blades located inside to demonstrate the relative cut resistance of various safety work gloves. A demonstration is conducted with work gloves made of cotton, leather, and Kevlar filled with plastic pellets. Then gloves are tumbled inside the Torture Chamber revealing shocking results. In less than 30 seconds the leather work gloves were ruined, cotton gloves lasted less than 1 minute, while the Kevlar remains in good condition. The Torture Chamber demonstration was conducted 20 times and each time the cotton and leather gloves were destroyed while the Kevlar glove remained intact.

Kevlar is the ultimate protection for those people who work in extreme professions demanding outstanding cut resistance, cleanliness, and the dexterity to handle small, intricate parts. Kevlar gloves are well suited for automotive, steel, glass, and metal workers. If you have had an experience with this miracle material please do write us. Comments are always welcome.

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