Guide to Work Glove Materials

Safety Work Gloves

Is purchasing a pair of  work gloves a confusing task? It is completely understandable since there are so many different types including Kevlar, nitrile, natural rubber, polyethylene, and the list goes on. A good place to begin when selecting work gloves is to figure out what types of material you are working with.

Are you working with steel, metal, or glass? Kevlar gloves are great for these jobs to prevent you from being cut. Are you working with chemicals? An ideal solution for this type of working environment is nitrile gloves. The material has superior protection against acids, oils, solvents, grease, and animal fats. Are you working in construction, material handling, or transportation? In this instance, leather work gloves are a good choice. Leather is great for abrasion resistance, flexibility, and air can breathe through the pores.

The list of gloves that match your particular job is quite extensive. Check out the Safety Gloves Materials Guide for yourself. If you have any additional input, suggestions, or comments please let us know. And always remember, be safe no matter what project you’re doing!

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