Job Search

I have been out of the corporate job market for a few years. Job hunting is a full time business. You don't beat on doors anymore, you apply online and post your resume. You even have interviews via Skype. Personally, I am not used to this way of hiring. I would like to get to... Continue Reading →

All I Want for Christmas

He works hard every day!  His boots are his most valuable tool for his work day!  If his feet get too wet or too cold or damaged, then he can’t work. It’s very important to him to have the right work boots!  He looked high and low at perusing the over 600 boots available... Continue Reading →

Hard Workers: Takes One To Know One

Discount Safety Gear, SafetyGirl, and all carry Justin Original Work boots. Today I set out to learn more about them because it's important to me to know the quality of the products of the company for which I work. Across those three sites, we sell over twenty different styles of Justin boots, from pink... Continue Reading →

Men’s Carhartt Steel Toe Boots

Construction Gear is proud to offer several styles of men's steel toe work boots from Carhartt, one of the most trusted manufacturers of safety and work clothing on the market. These boots offer unparalleled quality and safety, as well as a level of durability that will hold up to the toughest jobs for years to... Continue Reading →

Men’s Rugged Blue Steel Toe Boots

Are you looking for steel toed boots that will hold up to tough jobs but won't break the bank? Check out Construction Gear's incredible selection of men's steel toe work boots from Rugged Blue, a brand that offers both great quality and value. These boots have received excellent reviews form our customers and are available... Continue Reading →

Caterpillar Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots

If you've purchased a pair of Caterpillar steel toe work boots before, you know that they are among the best quality boots available on the market. At Construction Gear, you can purchase Caterpillar steel toe work boots at unbeatable prices. When you purchase a high-quality steel toe boot like one made by Caterpillar, you know... Continue Reading →

Carhartt Work Boots & Shoes

Carhartt work boots are designed to provide the wearer with both comfort and protection. They offer such features as job-specific soles, premium waterproofing and top-of-the-line insulation. Carhartt work boots are also available in a wide variety of styles, including both steel toe and soft toe models. Carhartt now offers a full line of work boots... Continue Reading →

Women’s Work Boots Guide

Did you know that Dickies and Carhartt make excellent ladies work boots? With this rugged and tough footwear, you'll be getting quality and durability, and best of all, boots over $50 ship for free! You’d better start picking out your new work boots right away if you want to take advantage of this special offer!... Continue Reading →

Work Boots Guide

Soft-toe boots are lighter and easier to wear during the hot summer months, and if working conditions don’t call for steel-toe cap boots- these soft-toed boots will fit the bill nicely. Browse through our wide selection of soft-toe boots to gain insight and fulfill your footwear requirements. Carhartt Work Boots (Leather Chukka) - These soft-toe... Continue Reading →

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