Carolina Insulated Logger Work Boots – 4821 & 5821

Despite the popularity of these Carolina logger boots, we haven’t received much feedback on them. That’s not such a bad thing, though—some people believe silence is golden. And besides, you can’t argue with the sales numbers, which point to one conclusion and one conclusion only: customer satisfaction.

So what makes these logger boots so great? To start with, they’re made by Carolina, one of the most reputable manufacturers of work boots in the world today. Secondly, the leather used in their construction is tougher than a pit bull on steroids. Last but not least, the insulation Carolina used in these boots will have your feet sweating like a dark-skinned beauty on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Now, that’s hot!!!

And don’t forget, when you order from, you’ll never have to worry about paying for shipping if you don’t like the boots you ordered. Shipping is free both ways on all work boots! Get yours today!

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