Hard Workers: Takes One To Know One

ImageDiscount Safety Gear, SafetyGirl, and ConstructionGear.com all carry Justin Original Work boots. Today I set out to learn more about them because it’s important to me to know the quality of the products of the company for which I work. Across those three sites, we sell over twenty different styles of Justin boots, from pink cowboy to steel toed work boots.Image

Who is Justin?

Founded in 1879 on deep roots and high ambition, the Justin family began a company that produced hand crafted boots in Fort Worth, TX. Over the years the company grew and moved but eventually settled again in Fort Worth and remained in the family. In 2000, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway recognized the strong value in this company and added it to his empire. My research shows an impressive dossier of quality and hard, proud work in a boot that is still made in the USA.

WImagee look at the attention to detail in the JMAX lace-r work boot, for example. These boots have a comfort notch in the lace-up so the shoes don’t bunch and rub on your foot from bending with every step. They have a Drylex lining and padded gusset to keep your foot stable, protected, and dry. The padded collar protects your Achilles heel and encourages stability of the foot within the boot. They’ve got a soft inner core, a removable gel orthodic, and waxed laces to keep the boot snug all day. No wonder they are known as the “Most Comfortable Boot in the Industry.”

How Do The Sizes Run and How Do I Care For My New Boots?

ImageMost reviewers say that they found a perfect fit with ordering a half size smaller than, or the same size as, their tennis shoe size. A few said a full size down was their perfect fit. When your boots arrive, try them on and walk around in a carpeted area. The throat of the boot is what holds your foot in, and should fit snugly without being too tight. The instep should also fit this way. The ball of your foot should nestle in the widest part of the boot, and the arch of your foot should line up with the inner curve of the boot. If you have purchased a pull-on cowboy boot, the heel will slip just a little, and you should hear a soft “pop” when your foot clears the throat. This indicates the fit is right. Since there is a liberal return policy on boots at Onlinestores.com, there’s no risk in ordering your boots online. With free returns, including return shipping within 30 days from ConstructionGear.com, Discount Safety Gear, and SafetyGirl, you have peace of mind that if your boots don’t fit, it won’t cost you anything extra to return them for the right size within the month.

Caring for your investment is pretty straightforward. For suede leather, just brush with a soft boot brush. For other types of leather, first clean off loose dirt with the brush, apply a leather conditioner and a neutral shoe cream, then polish with a soft cloth until the leather shines. We carry a full line of boot care products.

Anything Else?

I learned quite a bit from Justin’s website and YouTube channel. But one of the most interesting things I learned about Justin boots is that they partner with over 40 other corporations to sponsor Camp Patriot, a camp whose mission is to take wounded-in-combat and disabled US veterans on outdoor adventures. Those who may otherwise slip through the cracks are taken kayaking, mountain climbing, biking, or flown in to stay at a ranch where they can fish and boat with their military brothers. If you would like to donate to Camp Patriot, you can do so here.


If you want to follow a Justin boot through production, check out this video!

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