Job Search

I have been out of the corporate job market for a few years. Job hunting is a full time business. You don’t beat on doors anymore, you apply online and post your resume. You even have interviews via Skype. Personally, I am not used to this way of hiring. I would like to get to know people in person to see if they fit with the team I have in place.

I applied for a position awhile back, that was a really good opportunity. It was an onsite Office Coordinator for an Industrial Plant. Four weeks went by and I applied to a multitude of jobs in the meantime. I received a call:
Company: “Can you come in for an interview?”
Me: “Yes, which position was this for?”
Company: “Office Coordinator.”
After getting directions to the plant, which gate to use and who I should see, I was set. I hang up the phone and still have no idea whom I am interviewing with. Office Coordinator? I have applied to so many jobs, I have no clue.

Bright and early the next morning, I get to the plant. Check in at the guard shack. Wait for the company to come pick me up. The onsite job manager drives me to my interview. I am then ushered to a building off from the plant. I meet with a lady whose position I will be taking over. I am eager, knowledgeable and ready to start work. She is ready to move out of state and hire. I seem to pass her test and am set to get the once over from the lady that picked me up.

As I leave the plant with butterflies in my stomach, I think the interview went very well. Besides discussing my qualifications, I was told I would need to wear steel toed boots. Being a plant environment they dress very casual.

Late that evening the phone rings for another interview with the same company the following week. I am very excited and get online and get a pair of steel-toed boots. The Safety Girl Pink. Getting the boots and modeling them for my Honey, he just laughs and laughs. He says: “you better not wear them out to the job site, people will make fun of you.” I am NOT swayed. I can wear steel toed boots and still look fashionable!

safety girl boots soleAfter the second interview and many weeks later, I did not get the position. I have not given up. I am ready now for any opportunity that comes up. I am now the proud owner of a pair of Pink Safety Girl steel toed, oil resistant boots.

I wore the boots over this past weekend. I enjoyed the boot, the weight of them and had gotten a 1/2 size larger because they said they ran small. Even Honey said: “let me see those, these are pretty nice”. I guess from a man that wears them every single day that was high praise.

So whether I get a job in a office or out in the field, I am prepared with my Pink Boots.


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