Customize Our Products!

So you've found a product you love on our site and you want to make it your own. We know just how to do it. Here at Construction Gear, we offer custom products where we add your logo or company name onto safety glasses, hard hats, safety vests, hi-vis shirts custom embroidery. We want to... Continue Reading →

Treat Yourself to Something Comfy

  After a long day at work, there is nothing better than slipping into a comfortable sweatshirt and relaxing on the couch. (Especially if you are out in the cold working construction this time of year) As we are a company keeping you safe and comfortable in your workwear, we also have some apparel pieces... Continue Reading →

All About ANSI ๐Ÿšง

We pride ourselves in selling ANSI Hi-Vis clothing & accessories for a reason. Before ANSI was invented, companies in America just winged it. They had their workers wearing clothing that they thought was bright and would do the job but it was soon found that it might have even made things worse. For example, road... Continue Reading →

New Home Owner Safety Necessities

  So you just purchased a home of your own. Whether you purchased it alone or with someone else, you will need to make sure you have the necessary safety items to use with your cleaning solutions and/or power tools. When using these tools, it is important to have the right precautions. Here at Construction... Continue Reading →

Staple Holiday Gifts for Men

We sell only the most rugged & most loved work wear from a large amount of vendors. We find that our customers enjoy those products that have been around for a while & are known to please. So why would these not be the best gifts for him?! The following are three products that we... Continue Reading →

Golden Star Work Pants

    Are you still searching for a staple pair of work pants? You know, the pair you always reach for sometimes even out of the dirty laundry basket because they are just the most comfortable, durable pair of pants you own? Well here at Construction Gear, we look at who sells the best rated... Continue Reading →

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