New Home Owner Safety Necessities



So you just purchased a home of your own. Whether you purchased it alone or with someone else, you will need to make sure you have the necessary safety items to use with your cleaning solutions and/or power tools. When using these tools, it is important to have the right precautions. Here at Construction Gear, we can supply you with what you need in this New Home Owner Safety Kit.



Plastic Gloves: Any chemical resistant/rubber/PVC gloves are necessary for cleaning & refinishing. You want to protect your hands from the chemicals in these products. The damage could be permanent if you are not careful enough. The North Trawler Gloves are available for re-use or if you want a pair of gloves that you can throw away after use, the yellow pair below by CLC.


Leather Gloves: Leather gloves are better suited for dirty work or gardening than plastic or PVC. A great pair are the CLC Split Cowhide Drivers or you could go with a pair of leather palm gloves such as the Rugged Blue Work Gloves. Both are affordable options that will get the job done safely.


Safety Goggles: Actually, no matter what the job is, a pair of goggles is a great idea. You don’t want particles flying into your eyes. A great, easy on the wallet pair of goggles, are the Rugged Blue Economy Safety Goggles. Or if you prefer a pair that are shaded for outdoor use and anti fog, the Pyramex V2G Safety Goggles are a great buy.

Ear Protection: Ear plugs or muffs are a great idea for power tools inside or outside your home. Most people do not know that repeated exposure to something as simple as your lawn mower can result in premature hearing loss. If you prefer muffs, the Pyramex NRR 22dB are a great overall option. If you prefer ear plugs, the Peltor Skull Screws are comfortable and reusable.


Dust Mask: These handy mouth covers are great for lawn work, sanding or doing anything with flying particles. We have a page of available dust masks at all different prices and brands available to you.


A safety kit for use with your power tools or cleaning solutions is a great idea to keep everyone in your house safe. If you purchase a tote from a local store, you can keep them all together for easy access and you’ll remember where everything is!




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