Treat Yourself to Something Comfy



After a long day at work, there is nothing better than slipping into a comfortable sweatshirt and relaxing on the couch. (Especially if you are out in the cold working construction this time of year) As we are a company keeping you safe and comfortable in your workwear, we also have some apparel pieces that allow you relax after a hard days work.

Our Carhartt K122 Zip-Up is our most comfortable hoodie. The light fleece lining keeps you warm while the zip up allows you freedom to wear it open or closed. The 10.5 oz cotton/polyester mix will not shrink in the wash or fade in color. There are five different color options: black, coal, dark brown, heather and navy.

If you prefer a pull over with no hood, the DRI DUCK Element is for you. The anti-static finish is durable and great for lounging. The quarter zip allows enough neck room for complete comfort. There are three different colors available: Black, Charcoal and Navy.

Lastly, to go with your comfy sweatshirt, you’ll need a nice pair of slippers. Not many know that we carry our own brand of slippers here at Construction Gear but they are comfortable and form fitting. These fleece lined slippers have a hard bottom in case you need to step outside or just want a firm step. At 6.95 per slippers, you can’t beat it! They are available in two colors: Navy and Black.

We know you work hard, so take some time to enjoy yourself and slip into something comfy after a long day at work.

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