Golden Star Work Pants




Are you still searching for a staple pair of work pants? You know, the pair you always reach for sometimes even out of the dirty laundry basket because they are just the most comfortable, durable pair of pants you own? Well here at Construction Gear, we look at who sells the best rated work pants & jeans and bring them to you at affordable prices (as low as we can possibly sell them to you). We have pants for the contractors, the painters, the electricians, and even those that work at a desk job! This week is all about FIVE STAR work pants. We’re sure in the list below you can find a pair that work best for you. Try them out and let us know how you like them. If you are not completely satisfied, return them and try a new pair!



Top FR Work Jeans

Riggs Workwear by Wrangler Fire Resistant Carpenter Jean - FR3W020

The Riggs WorkWear by Wrangler Fire Resistant Carpenter Jeans are and have been our best selling jeans for a while now. This pair of jeans is a great precaution for being around sparks…just in case. They have a handy hammer loop and extremely deep pockets for storage and easy retrieval. They have a relaxed fit so that they are roomy in the seat & thigh and will be comfortable all day, even after the long work hours. A pair of these pants will only cost you $54.99 which is a great price for fire resistant work wear.




Top Painters Pants

Rugged Blue Natural Painters Pants


We are proud to say that these great, durable pants come from yours truly. The Rugged Blue Natural Painters Pants are made of soft, 100% cotton that won’t shrink after the wash. They have a hammer loop and spacious pockets for your phone and any small tools. The relaxed fit is great for all day movement. The natural color is great as opposed to white because it conceals more dirt. A pair of these pants are at the awesome low price of $15.79!



Top Cargo Pants


Riggs Workwear by Wrangler Ripstop Ranger Pant - 3W060

Riggs must know what they’re doing with work pants because they also own the top cargo pants position on our site too! These Ripstop Ranger Pants are perfect for work or play. They are made of 10 ounce, 100% cotton fabric for extreme comfort and softness. They sit slightly above the waist so you will have no problem with sagging and also have a relaxed fit for added comfort. Enjoy the spacious pockets for your phone and small tools. These pants are available to at $34.99/pair! There are also multiple color options.






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