All About ANSI 🚧


We pride ourselves in selling ANSI Hi-Vis clothing & accessories for a reason. Before ANSI was invented, companies in America just winged it. They had their workers wearing clothing that they thought was bright and would do the job but it was soon found that it might have even made things worse. For example, road construction crews wore bright red or orange and that was it. No reflective tape or anything. If there was reflective tape, it was often too thin to be seen. It was also not known where to put the reflective tape so that it was most often seen. They soon realized that just throwing on a bright orange shirt was not going to do justice. Think about it…some of the road crew construction equipment is orange so you may blend in.

In 1999, ANSI began starting standards with its 107 design. It has undergone many changes and updates over the years as does any new invention or idea. Currently, we have the 2015 regulation that puts each clothing item into types and classes. So there are actually tiers. This all depends on design, background, retro reflective materials and labeling care allowing employers to choose the best option for their company.

Below are a few of our best selling ANSI items:

ANSI Class 2 Safety Vest

DeWalt Class 2 Adjustable Breakaway Hi-Vis Vest


Carhartt Force Class 3 Long-Sleeve T

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