Ready, Set, Go!

The single bathroom is a tiny space with peeling wallpaper and dark and outdated cabinetry. I have chosen to start here because it should be relatively easy to freshen this room quickly. Call it my warmup, if you will.I propose to paint the flooring and cabinetry, remove some of the outdated accessories, and add new... Continue Reading →

Leather Work Gloves by Wells Lamont

The official arrival of Fall means one thing for many homeowners: Fall cleanup. Whether you're cleaning up leaves and getting your garden ready for winter or doing heavy-duty landscaping, a nice pair of leather work gloves from Construction Gear's online store will keep your hands safe and comfortable. Check out just a few of the... Continue Reading →

The Original Mud Glove

The original mud glove can best be described as both durable and comfortable: durable because the original mud glove will last a long time; comfortable because the original mud glove feels really good on your hand. What’s the best thing about the original mud glove, though? The price: just $6.99 a pair. Original mud gloves... Continue Reading →

Gardening Gloves for Women

One of the great things about gardening is that it’s enjoyable for both men and women. The only difference being that men commonly plant stuff they can eat, whereas women like planting flowers. Well, I guess that’s not the only difference. Women also enjoy wearing gardening gloves for women, while men, on the other hand,... Continue Reading →

Leather Gardening Gloves

If given the opportunity to choose between gardening gloves made from different materials, who’s going to go with anything other than leather? Leather gardening gloves have been proven time and again to last longer and perform better than any other type of gardening glove, which is probably why real gardeners almost always use them. Of... Continue Reading →

Work Gloves

by the Professional Power Tool Guide Crew Ask any carpenter or general handyman about the major safety features on their job and they’re going to mention three things: goggles, work boots, and work gloves. The goggles protect your eyes, the work boots protect your feet and the work gloves protect your hands in potentially dangerous... Continue Reading →

Chemical-Resistant Gloves by North Safety and Best

Protecting your hands from oil, chemicals and other hazards is easy when you use North’s and Best’s quality work gloves to keep your hands free from contact with harmful substances. With a choice of reusable and disposable gloves, you can keep your work-crew’s hands from sustaining unnecessary accidents through contact with hazardous chemicals and oils.... Continue Reading →

Work Gloves for all Jobs

We have a great selection of work gloves to choose from that are ideal for tackling any task. Quality, durable work gloves made by trusted manufacturers that are well established in the business of work wear. Choose your gloves with confidence and experience, choose the comfort of gloves made especially for hard workers like you.... Continue Reading →

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