Chemical-Resistant Gloves by North Safety and Best

Protecting your hands from oil, chemicals and other hazards is easy when you use North’s and Best’s quality work gloves to keep your hands free from contact with harmful substances. With a choice of reusable and disposable gloves, you can keep your work-crew’s hands from sustaining unnecessary accidents through contact with hazardous chemicals and oils.

Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves
Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves

NitriGuard Chemical Resistant Gloves from North are made from 100% nitrile for superb resistance to cuts, punctures and abrasions. The gloves are latex-free to prevent allergic reactions. The gloves are designed to hug your hands and permit freedom and dexterity while you work. These gloves are great for use in aerospace applications, automotive degreasing, assembly, painting, the handling and processing of chemicals, food processing, graphic arts and clean-up. Available in the color green only, and in sizes 8 through 10.

Best Nitri-Solve ® Chemical Resistant Gloves stand up to cuts, abrasions, punctures, and snags due to a special Nitrile compound. This compound gives the gloves excellent resistance to animal fats, a broad range of solvents, and other chemicals. The gloves feature a non-slip grip making wet work much safer to perform. The ergonomic design of these gloves and the flock lining ensures maximum comfort. Available in men’s sizes M, L, and XL.

North Mecano-Task Industrial Grade Disposable Gloves are industrial grade nitrile disposable gloves that are much stronger than regular rubber or vinyl gloves. Latex-free, these gloves will not cause allergic reactions in latex-sensitive workers. These gloves comply with USDA and FDA regulations, 21 CFR, for use in food processing. Lightly powdered, blue, 8 mil, 12″ length, rolled cuff, and ambidextrous; these gloves are ideal for many applications. 50 gloves per box.

North PVC Gloves
North PVC Gloves

North Winter Spitfire Gloves (Supported PVC gloves) have a polyurethane foam liner that does a great job of keeping out the cold. These gloves are ideal for handling frozen items and chilly weather work. These gloves will not stiffen or crack in the cold, salt water or oil. North Winter Spitfire Gloves are fluorescent orange, hi-viz, for safety while working. Available in men’s Size 10XL.

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