Work Gloves

by the Professional Power Tool Guide Crew

Ask any carpenter or general handyman about the major safety features on their job and they’re going to mention three things: goggles, work boots, and work gloves. The goggles protect your eyes, the work boots protect your feet and the work gloves protect your hands in potentially dangerous environments. When you are working with large or powerful equipment, you never know what could go wrong. You could drop something or a faulty part of a tool could cause it to go out of whack. No matter what, you have to make sure that you are as protected as can be whenever you’re dealing with a project and power tools. Here we’ll delve a little bit further into work gloves specifically, and examine why they’re so essential.

Work Gloves

Work gloves come in a variety of styles, all of which are geared toward some level of durability. Leather gloves are among the most popular, as they can withstand most heavy-duty blows on a job. There are also latex gloves out there, which can be helpful if you’re looking to work with chemicals. Often the sturdier gloves come with a stiffer price tag, but it may be well worth it to invest in a quality pair as a matter of personal safety. Getting stitches in the emergency room or at the doctor’s office costs a lot more than a pair of gloves.

The reason that durable work gloves are so important on a job site is because they act as an exterior layer to prevent stuff from getting to you. If there are any sharp objects in the area, they’ll cut through the gloves before they’ll cut through your hand. This isn’t to say that they will protect you against everything, but a really good pair can save you a few unnecessary hospital trips if you wear it frequently. You can opt for longer gloves to add protection to your arm as well, depending on what your needs are. Look for the right material above anything else though.

Overall, work gloves should just be a part of your working wardrobe. They’re just as important as helmets are for bikes or band-aids are for cuts. They provide the security you need to keep your projects in running order. Don’t skimp on that part of your work life. Invest some money in good work gloves that will last a lifetime. Then take care of them properly so they can take care of you.

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