The Original Mud Glove

The original mud glove can best be described as both durable and comfortable: durable because the original mud glove will last a long time; comfortable because the original mud glove feels really good on your hand. What’s the best thing about the original mud glove, though? The price: just $6.99 a pair.

Original mud gloves are so comfortable because of the fact that they are made using a soft organic cotton liner. They’re so durable because their extra-tough latex coating that protects the hand against unwanted bumps and bruises.

You should also know that when you are using the original mud gloves, you will have no problem gripping all of your various garden tools. This is because of their textured crinkle grip. Aside from garden tools, the original mud gloves’ grip will also allow you to easily take hold of roots and rocks.

You might be thinking, “If I’m going to be grabbing roots and rocks, won’t dirt sneak down inside my original mud gloves.” You’re right to ask such a question, but the answer is no. The original mud gloves have form-fit cuffs that keep out dirt and debris.

Falls just around the corner, my friends, and mud gloves are the perfect gloves for all those tough fall chores. Here, once again, are some of the original mud glove features: superior comfort; breathable backs; form-fit cuffs that keep out dirt and debris; precurved fingers that reduce hand fatigue; textured grip coating to for superior grip performance; they’re machine washable; they’re available in many different sizes.

Get your original mud gloves today. With fall and winter breathing down our necks like a pack of hungry wolves, you’ll be glad you did. The original mud gloves will keep your hands safe this fall, and safe from the hungry wolf that is winter.

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