New Home Owner Safety Necessities

  So you just purchased a home of your own. Whether you purchased it alone or with someone else, you will need to make sure you have the necessary safety items to use with your cleaning solutions and/or power tools. When using these tools, it is important to have the right precautions. Here at Construction... Continue Reading →

Staple Holiday Gifts for Men

We sell only the most rugged & most loved work wear from a large amount of vendors. We find that our customers enjoy those products that have been around for a while & are known to please. So why would these not be the best gifts for him?! The following are three products that we... Continue Reading →

Golden Star Work Pants

    Are you still searching for a staple pair of work pants? You know, the pair you always reach for sometimes even out of the dirty laundry basket because they are just the most comfortable, durable pair of pants you own? Well here at Construction Gear, we look at who sells the best rated... Continue Reading →

Why Flame Resistant Clothing? 🔥

  The first thing everyone notices about flame resistant clothing is that it is sometimes double the price of regular work wear. But why is it so important? We all know it protects you from short-term thermal incidents. But what some don't know is that the main reason we wear it is not to protect... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Brands: Ergodyne

  This week we want to feature Ergodyne, a hardcore & reliable work wear brand. Ergodyne is the brand of choice for those who demand performance, productivity and a return on their investment. They sell everything from warming apparel to duffel bag gear storage. They are a do-it-all brand and we're proud to sell their... Continue Reading →

About Us: Who, When, What, Where?

It has been a while since we've written about our company. For those of you that have been viewing our blog for a long time, you may already know about our company. For those of you new to us and our blog, our Construction Gear site is only one of our eight extremely successful stores.... Continue Reading →

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