Last week we talked about cleaning out the things you do not need from your garage & cleaning up the floors. Now that we’re done with the dirty job, lets work on the fun part…organizing. There are so many different ways to organize your garage but we’re going to give you a few easy ideas and you can pick the best ones to suit your family.

You’re going to be working with power tools for some of these tips so make sure you head over to get some safety glasseswork gloves, and tool holders to make the job safer & easier!


First, lets get things off the ground with Ceiling Track Storage:

You’ll need:

Three 2 X 2s (however long you want the track to be)

Three 1 X 4s (same length as the 2x2s)

Big Plastic Storage Bins (make sure they have a lip on the outside)

1.Screw the 2×2’s into the ceiling (spacing them far enough that the bins fit just inbetween them).

2. Screw the 1 x 4’s on top of the 2×2’s (flat side down)

3. Fill the storage bins with lightweight things such as decorations, sleeping bags, etc and place in the tracks! Label the bottom so you know what is in each!




This next one is super easy & cheap. Just get some PVC piping and you can make easy & fail-proof rake/shovel storage & power tool storage.


Our last easy tip is to get some heavy duty hooks at your local Home Depot or Lowes and hang your bikes up to save even more room!



If you’re anything like my family, you cannot see the garage floor and it looks nowhere near the picture above. We don’t use it for cars, we use it basically for junk. We store everything in the garage from Christmas trees to lawn mowers and there is absolutely no room to walk in to retrieve it. In PA, it is October but we are still having some warm summer weather so it’s the perfect time to open up that garage door, air it out & get clean.

This two part series is going to help you clean your garage & organize it in unique ways that fits you and your family. We’ll also help you find safety gear you’ll need to complete the project! Each “part” is going to require about a weekends’ (or more if you’re a perfectionist) worth of work so prepare accordingly.


Part 1: Cleaning Your Garage Out


1.) GET RID OF IT: If it no longer has a purpose…pitch it, sell it or donate it.

You never know what a neighbor could need or a friend. If you have a hard time letting go of that bed frame from ten years ago, think of the many people that could actually be putting it to use before it falls apart. Plus you can make some extra cash for things we’re going to need later.

Image result for garage sale


2.) CLEAN: Even though I cannot currently see my garage floor from the junk, I don’t think I want to. All the rust, dirt & oil that it has collected is probably atrocious. Remove the things you decided to keep in your garage to the lawn for a few hours & deep clean the floor. It will make you feel better. Most of us have concrete garage floors so to draw the gunk out of the floor, each type of stain requires different chemicals. You are going to want knee pads, safety glasses & gloves for this. And ALWAYS make sure the area you are working in is well ventilated & away from pets & children.

We need to decipher what kind of stains you have in your garage first.

Paint? You’ll need paint stripper & absorbent material. Make a creamy paste & put a thick amount on top of the paint stain. Wait 20 minutes. Scrape off the paste with a scraper & repeat if necessary. Scrub with scouring powder & rinse.

-Make sure to wear a respirator, rubber gloves & safety glasses.

Rust? Pour 1/4 cup of muriatic acid INTO 2 cups of water in a plastic tub. Apply the acid to the rust with a brush. Wait 5 minutes. Scrub & repeat if necessary.

-For this make sure you have rubber boots, goggles, a respirator & rubber gloves.


Rinse & Scrub with water after using chemicals.

Oil/Grease? Put 1 oz. of trisodium phosphate into a cub of water in a small plastic container. Ass 1 cup of absorbent material to make a paste. Put a thick layer of the paste of the oil and leave for 24 HOURS. Scrape off the paste. Scrub with water & nylon brush and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

-Make sure you wear eye protection & rubber gloves.


3.) ADD FOAM FLOORING TILES OR PAINT (optional): If you are unhappy with how the stains came out, you have other options. You can purchase foam floor mat puzzle piece tiles or paint the floor with epoxy paint! (This looks beautiful but it will take an extra few days)


Epoxy Paint Flooring



**This is not an exhaustive precautionary list. Make sure if this is the first time you are using any of the mentioned chemicals, you have the help of an expert or do thorough research beforehand.


Part 2: Organize Your Newly Cleaned Garage (available next Wednesday 10/17/17 at 8am)



It has been a while since we’ve written about our company. For those of you that have been viewing our blog for a long time, you may already know about our company. For those of you new to us and our blog, our Construction Gear site is only one of our eight extremely successful stores.

WHO? We are an eCommerce company currently operating 8 stores. We have both an office team and a warehouse team that work together to quickly & efficiently get you the product you need. As a whole, we are known as Online Stores.

WHEN? We have successfully been in business since 2002!

WHAT? As mentioned we have 8 different websites. All sites offer you extremely low prices but they each have their own specialties. Construction Gear carries work wear for industries that need durability and reliable work boots, work clothes and accessories. Discount Safety Gear is your one stop shop for safety equipment. This store carries hard hats, safety glasses, ergonomics, welding equipment, respirators, hearing protection and so much more. (CG also carries these items but DSG has a larger variety.) Safety Girl is like the previous two stores but tailored for a woman. United States Flag Store is simply what it sounds like! It was our first store and continues to be our highest traffic website. We sell American flags, state flags, country flags, decorative flags, flag poles and flag accessories. The English Tea Store sells our own brand of tea plus many other popular brands. We carry all tea flavors, tea chests, tea sets, British foods and other accessories. Northline Express is the leading online supplier of fireplaces, chimney pipes, stove pipes, and wood burning stoves. Now is the best time to head over to that site since winter is coming! ToySplash is a fun water play site. We carry pool floats, inflatable pools, pool toys and beach accessories. As soon as spring hits, head over to this site to get affordable pool toys. Lastly, LightUp is our newest powerhouse. As you can tell, this store is all about lighting. We carry LED tubes, panels, bulbs and everything you need to “light up” your house or business.

WHERE? Our main warehouse & office is located in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. We receive and ship out of this location. But, we just recently opened two more warehouses to better serve our customers. They are located in Pennsylvania & Nevada.





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Here at Construction Gear we sell you products at ultimate low prices. When it comes to work boots, they can break the bank especially with all the requirements needed to be met in the work place. Therefore, we have made our own brand to satisfy the requirements but at half the price! So far we have successfully introduced safety glasses, boots, clothing, hard hats and more to the work force.

Now that fall & winter are approaching, we knew insulated boots were a must. So we are introducing our NEW Pioneer II Insulated Logger Boots. To show you the comparison…we’re going to place them side by side with Carolina Insulated Boots.


car vs rug.PNG


At half the price, this boot is definitely worth it. Now you can spend more money on something you enjoy doing in the fall/winter instead of work wear!






Carolina brands has been a top seller of Construction Gear for years. We very rarely get negative feedback on any boot from them due to the comfort and durability they offer. Customers also pride Carolina for not having to purchase new boots every four months.

If you don’t know much about Carolina Boots, we want to inform you.

Their Goal: “To provide working people with footwear that is 100% effective”

Carolina gets that everyone works different jobs therefore needs different shoes. They are known for unmatched comfort, flawless performance and remarkable durability. And we at CG can stand up for them due to experience of working with customers. They are the top seller of work boots in all categories.



THE #1 TOP SELLING BOOT ON OUR SITE IN ALL CATEGORIES is the Carolina Men’s 8″ Waterproof Logger Boot.

Where to start? This boot is amazing. And we’ve heard from working people in every area of work why. You can read more reviews on our site if we don’t do it justice! 

  • Copper Crazyhorse Leather
  • Carolina Men's 8" Waterproof Logger Boots - CA8821 & CA9821Waterproof
  • Tailbrelle Lined
  • Steel Shank
  • Welt Construction
  • Available in Steel & Soft Toe
  • Steel: ASTM Rated
  • Available in Half & Full Sizes, 7-14
  • Available in Double Wide, Wide & Medium



















If you ever have questions you can contact CG always or contact Carolina Customer Care Center at (800) 441-4319.



Working all day puts a lot of strain on your body, especially when your out in the cold or lifting heavy objects. I’m assuming a lot of us reach for the heating pad when we get home. Instead of spending money on heating pads you have to plug in and keep purchasing because they stop working, make your own with those shirts you have laying around that don’t fit anymore. You can also make some hand warmers to take with you on the go!

They are easy, cheap and quick. All you need is some fabric, rice and someone that can sew!


For the Heating Pad:

  1.  Find an old shirt, thin blanket or sheet (Flannels work great)
  2. Cut into two equal size squares (as large as you want your heating pad to be)
  3. Place one square on top of the other
  4. Sew along three sides and leave one longer side open (denoted by black lines below)


5. Divide into segments as large as you would like and sew across (denoted by thin black lines below)


6. Fill each segment with rice

7. Sew last side shut


Final Product:6b2f34d0fe7098e7de189e0e6e6b661a-e1505153755952.jpg



For the hand warmers (similar to the heating pad but smaller):

  1. Find an old shirt, thin blanket or sheet (Flannels work great)
  2. Cut two 5″ x 5″ squares (or 4″ x 4″)
  3. Place one square on top of the other
  4. Sew three sides shut
  5. Fill with rice
  6. Sew last side shut









Leather Boot Care 101



If you want your boots to the last the longest life they can, it’s important that you take care of them to your best ability. First, know what type of material your boots are. If you are not sure, check the tag on your boots and look up the style number on Google! We are going to go over some leather boot care tips:

The Standard for Leather Footwear: Remove any excess dirt with a soft cloth. Apply a light amount of leather cleaner such as the Wolverine Leather Cleaner. You can then use mink oil and buff in with a soft cloth, especially at the seams and wipe off excess oil. You should use long circular strokes.

New Leather Boots: Wear them around the house to break them in. We all know boots and shoes of any type can be uncomfortable until they have some bend in them…especially leather. You can also use a conditioner, such as the Wolverine Leather Conditioner, to speed up the process.

Older Leather Boots: The most important thing is to keep build-up off the boot. Make sure you are using a Boot Brush. Check the seams, the sole and repeat until no more dirt remains. It is also a good idea to condition your boots just as if they were new. Boots are just like us, they dehydrate. If they are smelly inside, you  may want to shampoo them or spray with an odor eating spray. The last step is to apply a water-based waterproofing agent such as a Water Seal.

Wolverine Water Seal

We know you pay a lot of money for your work boots and we want them to last as long as they possibly can. The products mentioned are all from Wolverine Boot Care. These products are low priced and will last you forever. Wolverine makes top selling work boots so they know what it takes to keep boots clean and lasting a lifetime.