We Are Happy to Be Back!

Hello everyone! Construction Gear is excited to announce that we are starting up our blog posts again! I know we have been quiet for a while now, but we have been adding new products and making our site the best for your shopping experience! For those who are new here, let me tell you a... Continue Reading →

Strong & Tough Dewalt

You may have received our latest email that offers you 10% off DeWalt safety glasses! We're here to show you some options in this weeks blog. Dewalt Contractor Pro  These safety glasses are rubber tipped for comfort and resist sliding when on your face. They have a polycarbonate lens that offers 99.9% UV protection and... Continue Reading →

Pyramex 101

Since the very beginning of our company, we have been a proud seller of Pyramex. They stand up to all of our their promises which we will go over soon.  If you are looking for safety glasses, hard hats, safety workwear and much more, Pyramex has never let us down nor will they ever let... Continue Reading →

What Lens Color Do I Choose?

  Today, there are so many different colors of lens for safety glasses due to the wide variety of job applications of what they are used for. It all depends where you are located and what you are doing. Are you inside needing to see every detail? or are you outside needing a reduction in... Continue Reading →

CarbonMAX – The Ultimate Safety Toe

This week we've added some hot new safety shoes to the mix. We have been carrying CarbonMAX shoes from Wolverine for a while but now we have a bigger selection. Whether you like wellington boots, loggers, hikers or athletic shoes for work we have you covered. But first, do you know about the CarbonMAX toe... Continue Reading →

New Brand Alert ⚠️ Genuine Grip

Searching for new, affordable and durable brands that stand up to the test is hard, especially in the construction industry. We want to make sure we are bringing you the best of the best. We've come across a new brand, Genuine Grip, that claims to be "your best source for slip-resistant footwear at factory-direct prices."... Continue Reading →

ANSI vs. CE Cut Resistance

Understanding cut resistance on your gloves can be kind of confusing. Especially since there are two standards usually slapped on the label. Even though both systems rank the gloves on a 1-5 scale, ANSI and CE ratings use two completely different methods of testing. So make sure you are careful as to which you are... Continue Reading →

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