Screen-shot-2010-11-22-at-7.46.04-PM.pngAs we are endure the cold and snowy month of February in PA, the pesky salt stains come with it. We put down salt for own safety but getting the stains out of your expensive boots can be a pain.

Salt that they use on icy roads and walkways is very acidic. And just as you can imagine, the longer it sits on your boots, the more damage it will cause. When you first step in a pile of slush, the salt is diluted in the water but once that water dries on your boots, the acid becomes much stronger. This chemical reaction weakens your leather and fades the color of your boots so you’ll want to get it off ASAP.

Do not brush or scratch at your salt stains. You will only push the salt further into the boot or cause scratches and tears that aren’t as easy to remove. However, you will want to remove the dirt from your boots with a brush initially or a soft cloth if the dirt is not on the outsole.


Vinegar is a great way to begin. You will want to mix three parts water with one part vinegar. Next, grab a soft cloth and buff the vinegar/water mixture into the stain. Then take a dry cloth and buff even more until almost dry. Make sure you go lightly over the entire boot that was submerged in water, paying special care to the areas with visible salt stains. Even if you can’t see the salt, there still may be remnants on the boot.

Next, let your boots completely dry at room temperature.

Lastly, since the vinegar is also slightly acidic (but not as acidic as the salt) you’ll want to put moisture back into the boot with a conditioner.




So you’ve found a product you love on our site and you want to make it your own. We know just how to do it. Here at Construction Gear, we offer custom products where we add your logo or company name onto safety glasses, hard hats, safety vests, hi-vis shirts custom embroidery. We want to help you get your name out there!

Hard Hats are our current top customized products. Most have a large front surface for a logo. You can choose your brand, style and suspension and then have us customize it perfectly for your construction team. Different hats allow different logo options. For example, this hat below allows the option for a logo with up to 5 colors and four different placement options. After choosing these options, you will then be asked to upload an image of your logo.


If you would like your safety glasses customized, you have a few different options. Some glasses offer temple or lens logos and others only allow lens logos. After you choose your lens color, you can then send your logo image to customproducts@onlinestores.com.


Newest to the game are our custom safety vests. (We are in the works of adding more vests!) These are great for large logo display on the back. You simply select your size, whether it is a 1 color logo or 2 color logo then upload your photo.



We also do custom embroidery on your favorite sweatshirt, jacket or button downs. These include products from top brands such as Carhartt, Dickies, DRI DUCK and more.


Once you decide on a product, please double check the “details” section of the product page. This will give you file format for your upload, if there are minimum purchase requirements and other specific information regarding that product you are going to custom design.

If you need any help throughout this process feel free to email us at customproducts@onlinestores.com or call us at 1-877-411-0035. Our knowledgeable staff is on standby ready to help.








After a long day at work, there is nothing better than slipping into a comfortable sweatshirt and relaxing on the couch. (Especially if you are out in the cold working construction this time of year) As we are a company keeping you safe and comfortable in your workwear, we also have some apparel pieces that allow you relax after a hard days work.

Our Carhartt K122 Zip-Up is our most comfortable hoodie. The light fleece lining keeps you warm while the zip up allows you freedom to wear it open or closed. The 10.5 oz cotton/polyester mix will not shrink in the wash or fade in color. There are five different color options: black, coal, dark brown, heather and navy.

If you prefer a pull over with no hood, the DRI DUCK Element is for you. The anti-static finish is durable and great for lounging. The quarter zip allows enough neck room for complete comfort. There are three different colors available: Black, Charcoal and Navy.

Lastly, to go with your comfy sweatshirt, you’ll need a nice pair of slippers. Not many know that we carry our own brand of slippers here at Construction Gear but they are comfortable and form fitting. These fleece lined slippers have a hard bottom in case you need to step outside or just want a firm step. At 6.95 per slippers, you can’t beat it! They are available in two colors: Navy and Black.

We know you work hard, so take some time to enjoy yourself and slip into something comfy after a long day at work.


While some may believe that some simple stress can raise your blood pressure, Dr. Samuel J. Mann, a professor at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, conducted 48 relevant studies and discovered that only a minority found any association between job stress and high blood pressure. But what about the physical exposures at work and not just the stress?

A group of 7, 127 Latino workers were chosen to be in a study linking high blood pressure to the exposure of organic solvents conducted by the University of Chicago. They were chosen due to the fact that they are the fastest growing minority group that work closely with pesticides, hazardous chemicals and other organic solvents.

They found that 27% of workers showed 3 of 5 symptoms of developing cardiovascular disease such as abdominal obesity. And 32% of workers had high blood pressure.

This study still needs more backup but it is a start to determining which exposures can be causing high blood pressure. Please protect yourself and your employees when working with organic solvents!

All About ANSI 🚧


We pride ourselves in selling ANSI Hi-Vis clothing & accessories for a reason. Before ANSI was invented, companies in America just winged it. They had their workers wearing clothing that they thought was bright and would do the job but it was soon found that it might have even made things worse. For example, road construction crews wore bright red or orange and that was it. No reflective tape or anything. If there was reflective tape, it was often too thin to be seen. It was also not known where to put the reflective tape so that it was most often seen. They soon realized that just throwing on a bright orange shirt was not going to do justice. Think about it…some of the road crew construction equipment is orange so you may blend in.

In 1999, ANSI began starting standards with its 107 design. It has undergone many changes and updates over the years as does any new invention or idea. Currently, we have the 2015 regulation that puts each clothing item into types and classes. So there are actually tiers. This all depends on design, background, retro reflective materials and labeling care allowing employers to choose the best option for their company.

Below are a few of our best selling ANSI items:

ANSI Class 2 Safety Vest

DeWalt Class 2 Adjustable Breakaway Hi-Vis Vest


Carhartt Force Class 3 Long-Sleeve T


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This month we are offering you 10% off Edge Eyewear until the end of the year! In my own opinion, Edge has some of the most stylish yet effective eyewear on the market for safety reasons. They carry camo styles, vapor shields, polarized lens, anti-reflective lens and so much more. Whether you wear these glasses for work or play, you will feel better about protecting your eyes whether your using tools or just being exposed to the sun!

A little about Edge Eyewear: It is a brand of Wold Peak International which was founded in Layton, Utah in 1998. Interestingly, they began their company in a little basement just as a lot of amazing companies do. In 2001, they relocated to a small office space where the young owner was able to hire more employees. Edge became the first company to offer designer sunglasses in this location! Today Edge is known for their products & how they package their products. “The company continues to see consistent growth as a result of its commitment to innovation, creativity, service, and enthusiasm.” -an Edge employee.

We have so many lens options such as clear lens, shaded lens, mirror lens, polarized lens, indoor/outdoor lens, and anti-fog.





The cold months are upon us and so is the season of giving. No matter who you are buying for, a nice winter jacket, pair of socks or beanie is the perfect option. We have a few items below that make wonderful gifts for the outdoors person in your life.


Carhartt Men’s Traditional Arctic Quilt Lined Coat (C26)


This extremely warm and comfortable coat is great for anyone spending a lot of time outside. It is one of Carhartt’s best selling coats. Lined with quilted nylon, it holds in heat while the cotton sandstone duck outside can endure the nastiest kinds of weather. There are plenty of pockets for storage and to keep hands warm. The contrasting colored collar adds a touch of something unique. It is available in Black, Carhartt Brown, Dark Brown and Moss.


Dickies Heavyweight Quilted Fleece Hoodie (TW394)

If you’re looking for a gift not quite as expensive or heavy as a coat, this Dickies Hoodie could be the best option for you. Available in black or grey, this fleece lined hoodie is great for wearing alone or under a coat. The hand warmer pockets are perfect for enduring the cold wind while the ribbed knit cuffs & waistband keep the wind out.


Wigman Heavyweight Fully Cushioned Boot Socks


Wigwam knows socks. These super warm, thick socks are made of wool, acrylic, nylon & olefin. Did you know that wool is the best sock material for those that wear boots often? It keeps your feet dry & comfortable all day long. These grey socks with a black accent are available in M, L & XL. They offer all over cushioning and a fortified sole. Who wouldn’t want a pair of made in America socks for Christmas?!


Occunomix Two Tone Reflective Beanie

This hat is perfect for cold weather due to the extended fabric around the ears.You can purchase the hat in high-visibility colors or in grey. The rib knit material is comfy and warm and the stripe of reflective material adds safety while you’re outside.



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