Let’s Talk Brands: Dickies

Dickies is a long time favorite of our brands on three of our sites: Construction Gear, Safety Girl and Discount Safety Gear. We are constantly adding new items from them because of how hot they are on our sites and we like to listen to the customers. Dickies initially started out only manufacturing bib overalls... Continue Reading →

NEW Heavy Duty Rugged Blue Work Boots

Our BRAND NEW boots are just in! We received them in the warehouse just last week and they are each in need of a hard-working owner. These boots have received an extreme amount of attention to detail to best fit our hard working customers that need durable and reliable footwear. Rugged Blue is an Online... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Brands: Carhartt

We want to start a new series called "Let's Talk Brands", where we go in depth on some of the hottest items from specific brands that we carry and the customer reviews that these items get. Carhartt is perfect to start with because it is one of our top brands in general. Carhartt was founded... Continue Reading →

Truth About Back Braces

Ergonomic products are sold by Construction Gear to help those be more efficient and comfortable in their working environment. If you lift heavy items, bend a lot, reach overhead or push/pull heavy loads, you may be at risk for injuring your musculoskeletal system. Back supports are a type of ergonomic product that is commonly misunderstood.... Continue Reading →

Plugs vs. Muffs

Did you ever wonder if ear muffs or ear plugs would be a safer/better option for you. Well we've received a few questions and concerns regarding this area of interest. First of all, hearing protection is extremely important in general. If your workplace requires ear protection, there is most likely a really good reason. Creighton... Continue Reading →

Working in the Heat 101

Not everyone works in an air conditioned office with water at arms reach at all times. Some of us work on construction sites or other outdoor jobs that require long hours in scorching temperatures. Here at Construction Gear, our main goal is safety and we want to inform you of some tips to stay safe... Continue Reading →


Well I think the Summer is finally here in the UK, we have had a lot of wind recently and wind is not good for my garden, it dries the soil out, flattens the flowers and because it has been a cold wind it has stopped things growing!  Thankfully now we are getting warmer temperatures... Continue Reading →

Down for the Count!

I am going off topic a little bit, from my home improvement blogging, in the interest of Christmas. We have these great solar lanterns on clearance, until they are gone. I decided to get one. We have a video on how to pop them up but I didn’t need that – it really was pretty... Continue Reading →

Glutton for Punishment

I am still working in the New Room. I should soon start to call it the den because it's far from new. I finished stripping the wallpaper and am now firmly convinced that menopausal women should have a mandatory stopping point on wallpaper peeling at somewhere less than 8 solid hours, or insanity sets in. Next,... Continue Reading →

Last Rose of Summer

Just about anywhere in the continental United States roses are still in bloom. However, in many places it may not be long until the last rose of summer appears. Meanwhile there is lots of work for the serious rose gardener to prepare this queen of the garden scene to endure the winter and bloom again... Continue Reading →

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