Truth About Back Braces


Ergonomic products are sold by Construction Gear to help those be more efficient and comfortable in their working environment. If you lift heavy items, bend a lot, reach overhead or push/pull heavy loads, you may be at risk for injuring your musculoskeletal system.

Back supports are a type of ergonomic product that is commonly misunderstood. They act as a external stabilizer for your back when you are working. You only want to tighten your back support when you are doing strenuous activity. When you are simply walking around or not using your back muscles, loosen the belt. You must use the back support ALONG WITH proper posture technique for it to work properly. The belt is NOT going to make you stronger, so only lift what you can and do not overdo it. The Ergonomic Program is a great place to start if you need help!


Tips for lifting:

  1. Put one foot slightly in front of other and at a diagonal
  2. Be as close as possible to what you are lifting
  3. Test the weight first!
  4. Carry at waist level


We have some new back supports at Construction Gear for you to work on practicing safe habits:

Economy Spandex Hi-Vis

Ergodyne ProFlex Economy Spandex Hi-Vis Back Support - HV100

Economy Spandex Support

Ergodyne ProFlex Economy Spandex Back Support - 100

Economy Elastic Support

Ergodyne ProFlex Economy Elastic Back Support - 1650


Standard Elastic Support

Ergodyne ProFlex Standard Elastic Back Support - 1600

Standard Spandex Support

Ergodyne ProFlex Standard Spandex Back Support - 1100SF

High-Performance Support

Ergodyne ProFlex High-Performance Spandex Back Support - 2000SF

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