Down for the Count!

20141031_134226I am going off topic a little bit, from my home improvement blogging, in the interest of Christmas. We have these great solar lanterns on clearance, until they are gone. I decided to get one. We have a video on how to pop them up but I didn’t need that – it really was pretty simple. But the directions state that you must let it charge in the sun for a full day. I set the box in a window of my house and didn’t get around to putting it outside yet. I kind of like it as a nightlight, in the window with my plants. We’ll see what happens when I get to this room.20141104_192014

Anyway, Monday morning, the first morning after Daylight Saving Time (that’s correct, no “s” on “Saving”), I had my hands full of coffee, purse, lunch, getting ready to leave my house at 5:30 in the morning (I have a beast of a commute and work starts at 7). The newer shadows of the darker morning hid my bottom step and I mis-stepped. I ended up with knees buckling, sliding into the car pretty painfully. About halfway to work, while I was telling Andy about my fall on the phone, I figured I should look to see if I was bleeding. That sucker was running down into boot! As I write this now, on Wednesday, I have a horrendous scab, stiffness, and some bruising. I am going to save you the photos of that but believe me when I tell you that a little extra outside lighting is probably what the doctor ordered for my house.

I can’t  yet tell you how long the included batteries last, or how many hours it glows after a full day’s charge, but I do know that I may just put a few more of these on my Christmas list.

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