Working in the Heat 101


Not everyone works in an air conditioned office with water at arms reach at all times. Some of us work on construction sites or other outdoor jobs that require long hours in scorching temperatures. Here at Construction Gear, our main goal is safety and we want to inform you of some tips to stay safe in those hot summer months!

First, let’s talk about the excess stress that heat puts on the body. When we overheat, our body takes care of us. We sweat to compensate for that excess heat the body is taking in. If we cannot cool ourselves down, body temperature rises and heart rate increases. If your body is put under these conditions for too long, it becomes over stressed and can cause you to become dizzy or in worse cases, lose consciousness.

Now that you know what is happening when your body overheats, lets talk about HOW you know you are overheating.

There are many common signs that you should be looking for whether you are working outside or just having fun outside, but here are just a few to keep in mind:

  1. Heavy Sweating
  2. Faintness
  3. Goose Bumps
  4. Weak, Rapid Pulse
  5. Muscle Cramping
  6. Fatigue
  7. Headache

However, our goal is to prevent heat exhaustion before it begins. We’ve gathered some top tips from websites such as U.S. Department of Labor and Mayoclinic to help you out!

  • Air Flow – if there is no wind or air flow, you are more likely to become overheated
  • Loose Fitting, White Clothing – dark, tight clothing holds in heat
  • Sunscreen – sunburn also holds heat in your body
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – this is the most important, helps maintain body temperature
  • Avoid Caffeine – it dehydrates the body
  • Take Breaks – also helps regulate body temperature

**You can also download OSHA’s app, Heat Safety Tool, that will help you determine the risk of heat exhaustion in your area.


Check out what we have to offer in cooling products at Construction Gear. We have cooling towels, vests, and more!



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