Plugs vs. Muffs

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Did you ever wonder if ear muffs or ear plugs would be a safer/better option for you. Well we’ve received a few questions and concerns regarding this area of interest. First of all, hearing protection is extremely important in general. If your workplace requires ear protection, there is most likely a really good reason.

Creighton University published a study saying that a good “rule of thumb” for knowing whether or not you should be protecting you ears is if you have trouble hearing a normal tone of voice at about three feet away.

  • 85 dB is when hearing protection is required
  • 90 dB is considered an 8 hour average limit
  • 100 db is considered a 15 minute average limit
  • 110 dB can result in hearing loss if exposed to for more than 1 minute

When we talk about hearing protection, we are talking about the sound that actually reaches the drum of the ear. We simply want to reduce that as much as possible.

Ear Plugs:

    • Greater protection than ear muffs due to being tightly inserted into the canal
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to carry and transport
    • More comfortable with hard hats and glasses
  • THE BAD:
    • It can be difficult to find a pair that fits well
    • Difficult for those with ear infections to wear

Here at Construction Gear, we carry corded and uncorded ear plugs.

ERB Safety Disposable Pink Ear Plugs - 100 Pairs - GP05


3M E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon Corded Earplugs - 200 Pair



Ear Muffs:

    • Universally fit everyone
    • Usually adjustable for maximum comfort
    • Comfortable in cooler climates to keep ears warm
  • THE BAD:
    • Usually offer less protection than plugs

We sell cap-mounted, over-the-head and multi-position ear muffs.

3M Peltor X-Series Ear Muffs - X4A



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