Pyramex 101

Since the very beginning of our company, we have been a proud seller of Pyramex. They stand up to all of our their promises which we will go over soon.  If you are looking for safety glasses, hard hats, safety workwear and much more, Pyramex has never let us down nor will they ever let you down.

Pyramex has more than 2,000 distributors in 60 countries! They put all of their products to the highest tests to make sure they are only delivering us, and therefore you, the best of the best. They promise to have: unmatched service, innovation, style, full PPE, unmatched quality and competitive pricing.

We have some new Pyramex Safety Glasses on the site that we would like to share.

Pyramex works alongside Carhartt, one of our other top brands, to bring you products like the Realtree Anti-Fog Glasses shown below.

Pyramex also has a line called Venture Gear that is designed for those “on the go” and these glasses will stand the test to any activity. We have always carried Venture Gear glasses however, we’ve added the Semtex 2.0 which shows to be very popular. Check them out below!

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