Strong & Tough Dewalt

You may have received our latest email that offers you 10% off DeWalt safety glasses! We’re here to show you some options in this weeks blog.

Dewalt Contractor Pro

sgldpg52-11d_-00_dewalt-contractor-pro-safety-glasses-clear-anti-fog-lens.jpg These safety glasses are rubber tipped for comfort and resist sliding when on your face. They have a polycarbonate lens that offers 99.9% UV protection and is ANSI Z87.1+ rated.

$3.75 per pair!



Dewalt Dominator


The dominator safety glasses have a modern and stylish styling which makes them stand apart from the rest. The full frame is sturdy while the lens offer UV protection and ANSI ratings.

$5.99 per pair!


Dewalt Framework


These foam lined safety glasses are the most comfortable of all. They sit flush against your face to protect from debris. They are also UV protectant and ANSI rated.

$9.49 per pair!



If you would like to check out some other products we carry from Dewalt, click here!

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