We Are Happy to Be Back!

Hello everyone! Construction Gear is excited to announce that we are starting up our blog posts again! I know we have been quiet for a while now, but we have been adding new products and making our site the best for your shopping experience! For those who are new here, let me tell you a little bit of who we are and what we do. Construction Gear is one of eight e-commerce sites owned and operated by OnlineStores.com. We are one of the largest online vendors of work boots, work clothing, and safety equipment from top brands like Carhartt, Dickies, Carolina, Timberland PRO, and many more.

Steel Blue Men’s Argyle Steel Toe Boot

Why Construction Gear?

At ConstructionGear.com, we want to be your primary stop for all of your construction needs. Our priority is to make your shopping experience a breeze! With an effortless buying experience and fast shipping times (most orders ship within 24 hours) you get your products quicker and with less hassle! We’re here to help you stay comfortable on and off the job. In all industrial work environments, safety gear is a must and we carry various styles of hard hats including: full brim, cowboy, or bump cap to choose from. In addition, we offer the option to customize your hard hat however you would like! Work gloves are also a must for protection and warmth. Some of our best sellers include – the Rugged Blue Economy Driver Gloves, Black Stallion A6Cut Resistant Drivers Gloves and Carhartt Grain Leather Safety Gloves. To protect your feet, work boots and socks are needed for maximum protection. We have men’s and women’s boots with steel, composite, and soft toe options.

What We Offer

As you can see, we have a wide range of products from work gloves, boots and socks, to all things PPE. We’ve got your back (and the rest of you!) when it comes to workplace safety. Whether you’re looking for High-Vis Clothing or Safety Glasses, Construction Gear has it. We’ve done the leg work to find all the best products, so you don’t have to. Check us out and see the expanse of products we carry, so you can have peace of mind wherever you’re at!

Rugged Blue Diablo Safety Glasses
Rugged Blue Small Faces Safety Glasses

Contact Us

Email us at support@onlinestores.com

Call us now toll free: 1-877-411-0036

1000 Westinghouse Drive
Suite 1
New Stanton, PA 15672

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