What Lens Color Do I Choose?



Today, there are so many different colors of lens for safety glasses due to the wide variety of job applications of what they are used for. It all depends where you are located and what you are doing. Are you inside needing to see every detail? or are you outside needing a reduction in glare? We are going to use Pyramex safety glasses in our blog today to help guide you to the correct safety glasses.

The easiest and most effective way to use this guide is to find the few attributes you need and rate them. Then see which colors overlap into each of your highest rated categories. For example, if you need an indoor use lens that also enhances contrast, you’ll want to choose pink, infinity blue or amber.

Enhancing Contrast

The best lens option for enhancing contrast are pink, infinity blue, orange vermilion, amber and some bronzes.

Excessive Glare

When you are working in an area with a lot of glare, you’ll want any mirror lens or any shade of gray lens.


Indoor Use

If you are mostly indoors while you are working, clear is usually your best option. However, some prefer amber, pink, infinity blue or orange. Just make sure if you choose a shaded option, that it is light and doesn’t make you strain to see in low light.

Low Light

This can often be a very dangerous situation. Please choose carefully if this is your work area. The most popular shaded options are amber, pink and orange.

Outdoor Use

Outdoors has the widest range of color options. You can choose and shade of gray, any mirror, any polarized mirror or bronze. Mirror options are usually the most popular because the don’t let as much light in to the eye. Pyramex mirror glasses have a visible light transmission anywhere from 51% to 10%. (51% is an indoor/outdoor mirror while 10% is an ice orange mirror)

We will do a blog here soon labeling VLT on certain shades of lens.



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